A dramatic interplay of lines, tones and marks

In the Drawing Concentration, students move from an introductory experience that emphasizes perceptual skills to an advanced experience that privileges a nuanced and complex understanding of the implications of style and materials, as well as a specific and personal content.

Introductory Drawing, students examine and practice the fundamentals of graphic description, and visual language in general. Students become familiar with a variety of black and white drawing materials, and they look at the many uses and different expressive methods of drawing. In addition to doing studio work focused on observation and perceptual skill development, students become familiar with a variety of significant artists and movements (including some non-Western traditions).

Intermediate and Advanced Drawing, students continue to hone their graphic and perceptual skills, and they begin to develop their own individual styles, conceptual bases, and expressive interests. Students at the intermediate level do substantial work with color drawing materials, and further examine content areas such as the human figure, interior space, and still-life arrangements. Students at the advanced level respond to structured assignments in the studio, while developing their own focused body of work outside of the classroom. Advanced students respond to a series of written assignments geared toward strengthening their individual conceptual frameworks and expressive modes.

Drawing Studio Usage Information

Our Drawing facilities are available for students currently enrolled in a Drawing course.

  • Studio Hours: Open Mon - Fri 7:30am - 9:00pm
  • Studio Phone: (570) 389-2735
  • Studio Location: Old Science Hall 306

Concentration Resources


John McKaig

Instructor of Drawing


(570) 389-4850

Old Science Hall 209


Our large drawing studio has all of the tools necessary for students to create works of any size an medium including drawing horses, chalkboard, lights, drafting tables, projectors and sinks for clean-up. Our studio also features a vast selection of materials for the use of creating diverse and interesting still lives.