Add a little aesthetics to your major.

A Studio Art or Art History minor is open to all students interested in art. The course flexibility of either art major allows students to minor in the opposite and develop a broader portfolio of skills. Art studio and art history majors can also minor in a wide array of other academic programs, depending on individual interests and ambition.

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Studio Art Minor:

Studio Art Requirements: 15 credits

A total of five studio art courses from at least 3 different instructors are required. A second level of a studio art course must also be included.

Art History Requirements: 3 credits
Introduction to Art (ARTHSTRY 101) 3 cr.
or other Art History course (ARTHSTRY xxx)

Art History Minor:

Art History Requirements: 18 credits

Introduction to Art (ARTHSTRY 101) 3 cr.
plus five Art History courses (ARTHSTRY xxx) 15 cr.


Art History Course Descriptions

Studio Art Course Descriptions

How to declare a Minor

The Declaration of Minor form is available in the Art & Art History department office, located in Old Science, Room 213 or at the Academic Advisement Center, located in the Warren Services Center, Room 216. The form is completed by the student and signed by the department chairperson before the form is taken to the Academic Advisement Center.

When you have satisfied the requirements for the minor, a "Verification of Completion of Minor" form must be completed and signed off by the Department of Art & Art History Chairperson and taken to the Registrar's Office, located in the Warren Services Center, Room 150, at least two weeks prior to graduation.