Hiker's Guide to the Trees, Shrubs,
and Woody Vines of Ricketts Glen State Park

Fourth Edition -- Internet Version

Introduction References Leaf Types Leaf Arrangements Leaf Edges Identification Key Descriptions Species List



Click on the common name for list of species, and links to their photograph pages.

 Rather see species listed by scientific (Latin) name? Click here.

arrowwood description hawthorn description partridgeberry description
ash description hickory description pine description
aspen description hobblebush description poison ivy description
azalea description holly description raspberry description
basswood description honeysuckle description rose description
beech description hophornbeam description sarsaparilla description
birch description hornbeam, American description shadbush description
black gum description huckleberry description sheep laurel description
blackberry description hydrangea description spirea description
blueberry description iron wood description spruce description
bush honeysuckle description juneberry description steeplebush description
cherry description larch description sweetfern description
chestnut description laurel description sycamore description
chokeberry description leatherleaf description teaberry description
deerberry description magnolia description tulip-tree description
dewberry description maple description viburnum description
dogwood description meadowsweet description wild-raisin description
elderberry description minniebush description willow description
gooseberry description mountain ash description wintergreen description
grape description mountain laurel description witch-hazel description
greenbriar description oak description  

Updated 21 July 2008.