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The Bloomsburg University Xi Omega chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Honor Society, has been named the 2019 Chapter of the Year by the National Communication Association.


Congrats to Communication Studies student Kyle Bower for serving as APSCUF’s summer government-relations and communications intern.




Congrats to The National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC)! NCASC was selected as the 2018 Bloomsburg University Student Organization of the Year for their outstanding work in the areas of leadership, programming, and service.

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Featured Student

Kynslee Shepherd
Just a little under four years ago, I received my acceptance letter from Bloomsburg University. Within the past month I received a second acceptance letter from Belmont University congratulating and welcoming me to their Master of Sport Administration program. This acceptance could have not been made possible without the foundation that Bloomsburg University has given me, and in part I owe a huge thank you to the Communication Studies Department. When I was a freshman, I had not a clue in the world what I wanted to pursue professionally, and I bounced between a few different majors until finally declaring Communication Studies. The foundation and guidance that classes and faculty have given me are abundantly appreciated. I see the skills and knowledge that I have developed being a crucial part leading into this next step of my education. After I complete graduate school, I hope to find my place in the professional sports world, hopefully in an Operations position or Fan Development. My goal is to become to become an Athletic Director for a powerhouse Division I University.

Welcome to
Communication Studies

Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies at Bloomsburg University. Our department has over 250 students who are currently majoring in Communication Studies. We also offer a minor in Communication Studies.

There are currently 19 tenured/tenure track faculty who teach full time in the department.

Our department also supports general education for the entire university with courses such as Introduction to Communication Studies, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, and Intercultural Communication.Faculty

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Get to know our faculty:

Dr. Kai Kuang

Dr. Kai KuangDr. Kai Kuang received her bachelor’s degree at the Communication University of China in Beijing, China. Her bachelor’s degree was in Broadcast Journalism and she also received a minor in TV Program Productions as well. Kuang later went on to get her masters at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN in Public Relations. She also received her PhD in Health Communication at Purdue University. Dr. Kuang has been teaching communications courses for six years now. For the first three years, she taught at Purdue University. She is currently in her fourth year teaching as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies. The courses she teaches in the interpersonal track include Interpersonal Communication, Communication Research Methods, Health Communication, and E-Health.

When asked “What is your favorite course to teach?”, Dr. Kuang answered:

“Communication Research Methods, it’s normally not a student’s favorite class at first so it’s a very rewarding experience to see the students learn about research and the methods they can use to answer their research.”

Outside the classroom, Dr. Kuang has found a lot of joy in her recent service opportunity. She is a co-advisor of the student organization Active Minds. This Bloomsburg University chapter is a part of a national organization. The mission of the organization is to encourage open discussion between members about mental health issues on college campuses. 

When asked “What is your favorite part of the Communication Department?”, she said:

“One of my favorite parts of the department is the collegiality of the faculty members in the department, they are all very supportive of each other’s research, teaching, and service initiatives”

Dr. Kuang’s central research projects are all in relation to uncertainty in illness. The focus is mainly on how the patients respond both communicatively and psychologically to uncertainty related to their illness.

By: Krista Peachey

Get to know our students:

Stephanie Bouffard

For junior Stephanie Bouffard, Communication Studies has opened up a career path that incorporates everything she wants in her dream job: education, advocacy, and philanthropy.

"I aspire to educate others. Not so much on the topic of special education itself, but to educate others with special needs. I want to advocate for them, and be the voice both for those who have the inability to speak, whether that's due to their disability or suppression."  
Although she just declared a Special Education minor during the Fall 2016 semester, Stephanie noticed the integral part that communication plays in classes outside of the major. Each experience and situation requires a unique application of communication.

"Even though there are so many differences between my major and my minor, I also find commonalities between the two.
Beyond just the people, it's the commonality for advocacy. I find it very inspiring to see the passion both the Communications Department as well as the Special Education Department both have when it comes to advocacy, both in public and behind the scenes. "

For Stephanie, other students within Communication Studies played a significant role in why she decided to join this major.

"Listening to stories about how their major is used in their everyday lives was important to me, it was something I was looking for, too."

With career aspirations to campaign for individuals with exceptionalities or special needs, Stephanie also plans to take classes in the Leadership and Public Advocacy track, offered through her major. Focusing on campaigns, public policy, and rhetoric, Stephanie will have the opportunity to build skills and gain exposure to resources that will help her reach her goals. Impacting people every day, Stephanie is involved on campus and volunteers her time to help numerous organizations.

"In terms of what I see myself doing in the future, I would love to be a motivational speaker, campaign worker, or running a specific organization that would expand other's knowledge on the backlash of individuals with special needs, as well as campaign for the ones who are underrepresented."

In the upcoming months, Stephanie hopes to get an internship with an afterschool program to work with children with special needs, but until then, she will continue her advocacy through organizations at BU, and in her local community.