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Stephen Curley

I graduated from Bloomsburg University, in the spring of 2015, with a B.A. in Communication Studies. Since I graduated I have had two jobs. In my first job, I was a Collections Specialist at Iron Mountain, which is a data management company. In my second job, I was a Media Coordinator at MayoSeitz Media. I assisted in developing marketing concepts based on seasonal and holiday trends, developed strategic media recommendations and created client presentation material. I also ensured that creative deliverables aligned with marketing initiatives, met campaign goals, and remained consistent across digital platforms. Having a background in communication has helped me find unique ways to connect and communicate with individuals which helped me a great deal in the work place. After working at MayoSeitz Media, I decided to change my career path to what I have always been passionate about, which is sports. The decision to leave my job and attend graduate school was not an easy one. However, after examining the pros and cons and talking to my family and former professors at Bloomsburg, I decided that it was in my best interest to attend graduate school. While there were several professors who gave me great advice on what to expect in graduate school, one professor in particular, went above and beyond in helping me. Dr. Shorter is the reason I am where I am at today. She was the one who gave me the idea to apply to graduate school and was such a tremendous help throughout the application process. At first, I did not give graduate school much thought but after doing research and asking her questions, I determined it was the best choice for the long-term career path I wanted to pursue. I am currently in my first semester as a graduate student at The University of Tennessee studying Sport Management. Next semester I will be a graduate teaching assistant teaching three gym classes to undergraduate students. I will also be interning with the Event Management Department in the Athletic Department. After I graduate in spring 2018, I hope to work in either collegiate or professional sports. The Communication Studies program at Bloomsburg taught me public speaking, interpersonal communication, critical thinking, and organizational skills which I utilize daily. If you are someone that does not want to limit yourself to one career, I would recommend majoring in Communication Studies because it allows students to have a broad range of careers to choose from. 

Featured Student

Holly Davis

I am a senior at Bloomsburg University who is graduating this May. I am a Communication Studies major, in the Organizational Track, with a minor in Human Resources. Majoring in Communication Studies has opened many doors for me. With it being so broad, it has lead me to a multitude of opportunities that helped me grow not only my network, but my professional experience as well. I currently work two jobs- I am a student worker in the Student Activities Office in the KUB and I also intern at McAdam Financial in Center City as a Recruiting intern. McAdam Financial has allowed me to have the experience of working in the corporate world while recruiting for potential Financial Advisors. I also hold an executive position for Communication Day in the National Communication Association Student Club. COMM Day is a one-day research symposium where faculty, professionals, and students can share their work. Putting COMM Day together involves a substantial amount of communication skills, hard work, and organization. Although COMM Day is hard work, I could have not been able to put it on without the help of the members of the NCASC and our wonderful advisor, Dr. Shavonne Shorter!

FacultyWelcome to
Communication Studies

Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies at Bloomsburg University. Our department has over 380 students who are currently majoring in Communication Studies. We also offer a minor in Communication Studies.

There are currently 15 tenured/tenure track faculty and six adjunct faculty who teach full time in the department.

Our department also supports general education for the entire university with courses in Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, and Intercultural Communication.



Get to know our faculty:

Dr. Shavonne Shorter

After receiving her bachelor's degree from Frostburg State University in Maryland, Dr. Shavonne Shorter went on to pursue her Master's and Doctorate from Purdue University in Indiana. Going into her 3rd year of teaching at Bloomsburg University, Dr. Shorter is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies. Teaching 4 classes per semester in the Organizational Track, Dr. Shorter is passionate about helping students stay involved, reach their goals, and leave a legacy that will positively impact the Bloomsburg community. For example, in her class Communication For Business Professionals, students work with local businesses on various projects, ranging from marketing, social media, and rebranding, that allow students to get real world experience and client feedback on their communication skills.

Extending her reach beyond the classroom, Dr. Shorter inspires her students, colleagues, and peers with her involvement on in academia and campus . Dr. Shorter is continuing her research that attracts minority students to the professorate. She is the project manager for The Inclusive Future Faculty Program, a program that pairs underrepresented minority students with underrepresented minority faculty, in an effort to help them think more seriously about becoming professors themselves.

Dr. Shorter is passionate about her students and giving back to the Bloomsburg Community. She advises the National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC), which is the first introduction she had to on campus organizations.

"NCASC is the first club I took on as an advisor, and to watch it develop, grow, and positively impact the community under President Kate Armstrong makes me proud."

Along with Dr. Eric Miller, Dr. Shorter is a coach of The Fredrick Douglas Debate Society.

"They are a fantastic group of individuals who are committed to social change through debate. It is really exciting to sit in a meeting with them and hear their debate skills take shape and form."

Up until this year, Dr. Shorter has also been an advisor to the organization Ladies First, a group of young women dedicated to uplifting and encouraging female students.

When asked "What is your favorite part about the Communication Studies Department or Bloomsburg University culture in general?" her response truly reflected her love and dedication to this university, and everything that encompasses the collegiate atmosphere.

"The people. It has to be the people. I have such outstanding students. Every day I wake up excited to get into the classroom. Excited to see how they will process the information and material, and to watch how they understand it from a unique individual perspective. I have fantastic colleagues. I love to pick their brain about what we are all working on, or even just what is going on in the world. Bloomsburg University is overall just a great place to be."


Get to know our students:

Stephanie Bouffard

For junior Stephanie Bouffard, Communication Studies has opened up a career path that incorporates everything she wants in her dream job: education, advocacy, and philanthropy.

"I aspire to educate others. Not so much on the topic of special education itself, but to educate others with special needs. I want to advocate for them, and be the voice both for those who have the inability to speak, whether that's due to their disability or suppression."  
Although she just declared a Special Education minor during the Fall 2016 semester, Stephanie noticed the integral part that communication plays in classes outside of the major. Each experience and situation requires a unique application of communication.

"Even though there are so many differences between my major and my minor, I also find commonalities between the two.
Beyond just the people, it's the commonality for advocacy. I find it very inspiring to see the passion both the Communications Department as well as the Special Education Department both have when it comes to advocacy, both in public and behind the scenes. "

For Stephanie, other students within Communication Studies played a significant role in why she decided to join this major.

"Listening to stories about how their major is used in their everyday lives was important to me, it was something I was looking for, too."

With career aspirations to campaign for individuals with exceptionalities or special needs, Stephanie also plans to take classes in the Leadership and Public Advocacy track, offered through her major. Focusing on campaigns, public policy, and rhetoric, Stephanie will have the opportunity to build skills and gain exposure to resources that will help her reach her goals. Impacting people every day, Stephanie is involved on campus and volunteers her time to help numerous organizations.

"In terms of what I see myself doing in the future, I would love to be a motivational speaker, campaign worker, or running a specific organization that would expand other's knowledge on the backlash of individuals with special needs, as well as campaign for the ones who are underrepresented."

In the upcoming months, Stephanie hopes to get an internship with an afterschool program to work with children with special needs, but until then, she will continue her advocacy through organizations at BU, and in her local community.