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The Communication Studies department is made up of fourteen full-time (tenured/tenure-track) and nine adjunct faculty members. The faculty provide the department with a wide range of academic and professional expertise across the discipline.

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Featured Intern

Chelsea Hann
Chelsea Hann is a senior Communication Studies major, with a concentration in Interpersonal Communication. During summer 2012, she had a marketing internship with Viamedia, which is a cable advertising company in Bethlehem, PA. During her internship, she made a media analysis for one of Viamedia's many clients. She analyzed all of the client’s advertising mediums over a 26 week period to show which method drove the client’s online sales the most. She presented this media analysis to the President of Viamedia, the sales staff of Viamedia, and the client. She then made her PowerPoint into a generic form that will help Viamedia to advertise for themselves throughout the country.

Department Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Ruth Beerman, M.A.

David Bradbury, Ph.D.

Karen DeFrancesco, M.A.

Joe HassertJoseph Hassert, M.A. is a communication teacher and scholar with research interests in creative collaboration, performance of poetry, and gender and sexuality of sports. He has eight years of teaching experience in communication at the university level. At BU, Joe teaches Public Speaking, Small Group Communication, and Interpersonal Communication.  He believes strongly in the importance of public advocacy and activism, viewing communication education as vital to the creation and maintenance of a just and democratic society that works for everyone.

Joe serves on the executive committee of LGTBQA Faculty Commission at Bloomsburg University as Chair of the Visibility Committee. The LGTBQA Faculty Commission offers support to LGBTQ students and allies, promotes visibility, and advocates for issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.  

Joe is currently working on his dissertation, a performance autoethnography of a community open mic poetry event he co-produced and hosted in Carbondale, IL between 2007-2012. In the manuscript, he examines the role community art plays in the formation of identity and friendship networks of mutual care and support. His essay The Library Project and the Gift of Prankster Art, published in Text and Performance Quarterly,  discusses how prankster art as community activism can temporarily alter or subvert “business as usual,” in order to promote more ethical, intimate relations between people and organizations.

Kathryn HobsonKathryn Hobson, Ph.D., completed her doctoral degree in Communication and Culture at the University of Denver in spring of 2013. Her dissertation, “Performing Queer-Femininities: Passing, Playing, and Camp,” lies at the crux of critical intercultural communication, performance studies, and vernacular discourse analysis. In her dissertation she examines the tension between restrictive and liberating femininity in radical queer-femme performances in online microblogs and interviews. Her dissertation challenges the notion that femininity is frail and argues that queer-femmes are using intersectionality, feminine aesthetics, and tradition to challenge both dominant norms and “queer” feminine performances. This project contributes the voices and experiences of an under-represented and often invisible subpopulation of the larger LGBTQ movement. Besides presenting and receiving top paper awards for some of her work at regional and national conferences, Dr. Hobson has published work in scholarly and creative journals, as well as anthologies. 

As a Frederick Douglass Teaching Scholar for the department, Dr. Hobson teaches Intercultural Communication and Interpersonal Communication. She works with the Frederick Douglass Institute and LLC, teaching the community Intercultural Communication class. In her classes, she asks her students to self-reflexively examine themselves in order to critically see the ways in which they participate in larger social and cultural systems of domination and subordination, while working to dismantle these same systems. She is committed to racial and economic justice, queer liberation, continuing to learn about privilege and oppression, and working on creative solutions to these issues.

Eric C. Miller, Ph.D.Eric C. Miller, Ph.D. joined the department in fall 2013 after completing a Ph.D. at the Pennsylvania State University. His dissertation, "Fighting for Freedom: Culture War Rhetoric and the Liberal Tradition," analyzes how leaders of conservative Christian political movements struggle for control of liberal ideographs such as "rights," "liberty," and "freedom." A regular presenter at regional and national conferences, his research is concerned with religious participation in the public sphere. His writing has appeared in Voices of Democracy and Advances in the History of Rhetoric.

Dr. Miller teaches CommStud 103: Public Speaking and CommStud 106: Small Group Communication. He comes to both of these courses with a "civic engagement" focus, encouraging students not just to become better public speakers, but to think seriously about what they want to say. Students who enroll in either will be encouraged to realize their potential both as thinkers and as citizens.

Ed Rabinowitz is a communications professional with more than 35 years of writing experience under his belt. He has served as Publications Manager and Eastern Public Relations Manager for Volkswagen of America, and Director of Marketing Communications for Continental Insurance, writing brochures, press releases, executive speeches, and material for various corporate publications. As a freelance journalist, Ed has written extensively in the healthcare, and personal finance and investing fields. Most recently, he published his second book, “One More Dance,” which chronicles a family’s courageous battle against brain cancer. He now serves as an Instructor of Communication courses at Lehigh Carbon Community College, teaching interpersonal communication, oral presentation, intercultural communication, and communication theory courses.
He earned his B.A. in Communication from Herbert H. Lehman College, and his M.C.I.S. in Communication from Rutgers University.

Philip Rippke, M.A.

Christina SaindonChristina Saindon (a.k.a. Christi) is working toward completion of her PhD in Speech Communication, with her primary coursework and research in both pedagogy and performance, and she has completed a certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Prior to joining BU, she taught part-time at several small liberal arts colleges near her West Virginia home. In her nine years in the classroom, Christi has taught a variety of courses including Public Speaking, Introduction to Communication, Performance of Literature, Culture and the Media, Rhetoric and Power, Gender and Communication, Persuasion, Organizational Communication, and Interviewing.

Christi feels strongly that in order to be a good teacher, she can better serve her students’ needs by being closely linked to the knowledge production process and to current scholarship. As such, Christi’s overall goal is that her own research will contribute to the betterment of her own and others’ teaching and learning experiences. Her dissertation, which is currently her most demanding piece of scholarship, focuses on the silence of women in the classroom. In addition to her dissertation research, Christi has written several textbook chapters and the ancillary materials for an introductory communication course textbook. Christi is working on multiple research projects currently, including papers and performances about topics such as Swiffer advertisements, body image, whiteness, critical communication pedagogy, and feminist pedagogy.

Christi is a native to Texas and has lived at length in Arlington and Denton (TX), Pittsburgh (PA), Carbondale (IL), and Elkins (WV). In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with her partner and cat, gardening, reading, walking, traveling, and attending national and college sporting events.