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The Bloomsburg University Xi Omega chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Honor Society, has been named the 2019 Chapter of the Year by the National Communication Association.


Congrats to Communication Studies student Kyle Bower for serving as APSCUF’s summer government-relations and communications intern.




Congrats to The National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC)! NCASC was selected as the 2018 Bloomsburg University Student Organization of the Year for their outstanding work in the areas of leadership, programming, and service.

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Featured Student

Sydney Rimmer

My name is Sydney Rimmer, and I am currently a senior at Bloomsburg, double majoring in Communication Studies with a Leadership and Public Advocacy focus and Political Science with a Legal Studies focus, as well as a minor in Public Relations. This summer, I am beyond grateful to have participated in an internship at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in the Senate Republicans Communications Office, as it was an incredibly fulfilling experience.
The office had a group of employees designated to each area of communications. There were teams of employees for areas such as speech writing, webmasters, photography, film, social media, and others. I got to shadow and help complete assignments in each of these areas, and gain an appreciation for the importance of each specialty. This offered a unique opportunity to understand “a day in the life” of the employees in this office and their responsibilities, and it also gave me an opportunity to meet people outside of the office, and experience things many other people will never experience. Seeing the behind the scenes of these events was so interesting.
The brunt of my work was done in June, as that is when the Senate is in session and the budget is being passed. Once the budget passed, July slowed down and there were significantly less events occurring, therefore less events for me to shadow, as the Senators stay in their district offices as opposed to coming to the Capitol. This gave me an accurate representation of the job, both the hustle and bustle of June, and the relaxed nature of July.
This internship has also proven to be a vital step in my networking. I received a follow up luncheon with the lobbying firm who encouraged me to intern in the Capitol, as well as encouragement from my office to look for a career in the Senate when I graduate. I got a chance to work with several Senators, thereby networking with them, which was a personal goal of mine for the summer. Another strength of my internship was the bond I formed with my coworkers. I was the only intern in my office, however I fit in perfectly with the full time employees despite us being in all different walks of life. I had anticipated forming relationships with my coworkers, but I had not foreseen how close I would grow with them. I am so blessed to now call many of my coworkers my friends. We have spent time together in both the office, as well as our free time, and I am elated they have taken me under their wings, and I still stay in touch with many of them despite being many months post internship.
My internship was a wonderful experience, and truly turned out to be a highlight of my summer. I am able to walk away from this office confident that I completed assignments efficiently and to the best of my ability. I have grown from this experience, and I am excited to see how the things I have learned and the connections I have made will apply to my future endeavors.

Academic Advisement FAQ for Communication Studies Majors

Below are miscellaneous items that may be of interest:



Q:) What career opportunities are there for me if I earn a BA in Communication Studies degree?
A:) See a list of possibilities here. Also, be sure to look at our Alumni Page to see real examples of where are our majors are now.


New Majors

Q:) I'm thinking about choosing Communication Studies as my major, but I am still unsure. What should I do?
A:) Contact the department chairperson - Dr. Angela La Valley - (570) 389-2786, 1124 McCormick Center, alavalle@bloomu.edu. She would be happy to talk to you either in person, by phone, or e-mail to help you determine if this is the right major for you.

Q:) Is there a minimum GPA required to declare Communication Studies as my major?
A:) No.

Q:) I'm ready to declare Communication Studies as my major. What do I need to do?
A:) You need to do the following:


Switching Advisors

Q): Can I switch/choose an academic advisor?
A): An academic advisor (a professor who teaches in Communication Studies) is assigned to you after you attend the orientation session. If you wish, you can request to switch advisors by using a form available in the department office.


Scheduling Courses

Q:) When do I schedule classes?
A:) Scheduling times are available at http://www.bloomu.edu/registrar-scheduling. Also remember that the only way to get courses in the major in the fall or spring semesters is to see your advisor around scheduling time. Contact your advisor for an appointment. Note: You register for non-communication studies classes on your own.

Q:) Do I really need to see my advisor every semester?
A:) If you want to enroll in any Communication Studies courses in the fall or spring semester, you are REQUIRED to see your advisor every fall and spring semester around scheduling time and complete a "Scheduling Request Form." An e-mail will be sent to you around scheduling time to remind you to make an appointment with your advisor.

Q:) I'd like to take a Communication Studies class, but the class is closed. What can I do?
A:) If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a Communication Studies course for next semester you can complete a "Seat Request Form." The form can be submitted via e-mail to department chairperson - Dr. Angela La Valley - alavalle@bloomu.edu. or dropped off at the department office - MCHS 1102. Please note that this request does not guarantee you a seat in the course you have requested. Also note that neither your advisor nor the course instructor can add you to a closed class.


Textbooks on reserve at the library

Q:) My financial aid check has been delayed, and I can't afford my textbook. Are there textbooks that I can check out?
A:) Yes, for many of our Communication Studies courses, we have placed copies of the required textbooks on reserve at the library. You can search for your book at library.bloomu.edu. You can also search for the call number of the textbook on reserve by your course number and/or your instructor's name. When at the library, make sure to ask for your textbook by its call number.  


ENRICH courses

Q:) I was required to take a ENRICH course as a freshman. Do those courses count toward graduation?
A:) ENRICH classes that are "99" or below (such as ENRICH.90 Intermediate Algebra) do not count toward the 120 credits needed for graduation.


Pass/Fail grades

Q:) Can I take a class Pass/Fail?
A:) You may only take an elective as "Pass/Fail." You may not take any required course (courses in the major or General Education courses) as Pass/Fail. Be sure to read additional rules regarding this at http://www.bloomu.edu/policies_procedures/3454


Questions about Grade Point Average (GPA)

Q:) What's my overall GPA and my GPA in the major?
A:) You can find your overall GPA and your GPA in the major in MyHusky. You'll need to find the drop down menu and select "Academic Requirements." Then expand the "Minimum GPA" option to see your overall GPA; and expand the "Courses Required for Major GPA" option to see your major GPA.

Q:) Is there a way to calculate my GPA to see what I need to bring up my GPA?
A:) You can use a GPA calculator.


CLEP test to earn college credits

Q:) Are there other ways for me to earn college credits?
A:) Consider taking one or more of the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) subject tests. CLEP tests test the knowledge that you already have. More information is available here: http://www.bloomu.edu/testing/CLEP


Graduate level classes while an undergraduate

Q:) Can I take a graduate level class as an undergraduate student?
A:) Seniors needing fewer than 18 credits of course work to satisfy requirements for the baccalaureate degree may, with approval of their department chairperson, apply to the Dean of Graduate Studies for permission to supplement their undergraduate courses with graduate courses. The policies related to this are http://www.bloomu.edu/policies_procedures/3449 and https://www.bloomu.edu/policies_procedures/3463


Study Abroad

Can I be a Communication Studies major and also study abroad?
A:) Yes, we have had many Communication Studies study abroad in countries such as Denmark, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Morocco, Finland, and Poland. More information about study abroad is available at the BU Study Abroad website. A variety of scholarhips are available. You can complete an application for a professional expereience grant (PEG).


Q:) Are there scholarships for Communication Studies majors?
A:) Yes, there is one called the "Brinley Crahall, Jr. Endowed Scholarship" which awards $550 in the fall semester. Selection Criteria: Upperclassman communication studies major; first preference to Luzerne County resident; second preference to a PA resident; third preference open to all areas; financial need required. Renewable, but must reapply every year. More information about this is available at: http://www.bloomu.edu/aid and at http://scholarships.bloomu.edu/.

Q:) Are other scholarships available?
A:) Yes, you may qualify for many scholarships with a very wide range of selection criteria (not just GPA). For example, you can search for scholarships here. Some scholarship categories include: Veterans (or dependents); Fraternities; Sororities; Nontraditional students; Liberal Arts majors; "Diversity" students; Athletes; Leadership; etc. See links above in previous Q and A for more information. Deadlines for many of these scholarships are in late January/early February.

Q:) Are there scholarships for internships or study abroad?
A:) Yes, students can apply for a Professional Experience Grant (PEG) for internships, study abroad, service projects and attending professional conferences. Please be sure to note the deadline for application.



Q:) Should I have a minor?
Minors are not required. But depending on your personal and professional goals, minors may be useful. A listing of minors/career concentrations is available at http://archive.bloomu.edu/catalog/current/minors.php

Q:) Are any particular minors for Communication Studies majors recommended?
It all depends on your goals, but popular minors for Communication Studies majors include English, Creative Writing, Emergent Media, Art Studio (Graphic Design), Gender Studies,Human Resource Management, Information and Technology Management, Legal Studies, Management, Marketing, and Professional Selling.


Transfer Courses

Q:) Can I take a course at my local community college this summer and have it transfer to BU?
A:) Students may transfer courses to BU. It is strongly recommended that you complete a "Prior Approval" form BEFORE you begin the course. The form helps ensure that you can use the class to meet graduation requirements at BU. Additional information is at http://www.bloomu.edu/registrar-transfer-credits

Q:) Where else can I find courses (both online and face-to-face) to transfer in to BU?
A:) 1) One website is BU Course Equivalency Search page to see a partial listing of schools. 2) Another useful website is http://www.pacollegetransfer.com. 3) You can go directly to the other colleges' website.

Q:) Does a grade transfer in to BU?
A:) The grade does NOT transfer to BU - only the credits. However, if you take a course at a PASSHE school (PA state system school), it is possible to transfer the actual letter grade to BU, rather than it showing up as a "TR" (for transfer) on your transcript. NOTE: You must earn a grade of C or better to have the course transfer to BU.

Q:) Can I take an online course from anywhere, and have it transfer in to BU?
A:) If you take an online course, it must be from an accredited university.

Q:) How do I get access the preapproval form for a transfer course on MyHusky?
A:) Follow these directions.



Double Major/Dual Degree:

Q:) What's the difference between a dual degree vs a double major?  
A: The number of credits:  150 credits for a dual degree; 120 credits for a double major.

Q:) Should I double major?
A:) It all depends on your career and personal goals. Some advantages include: a) You may be more marketable with two majors. b) You are taking more classes that you enjoy (hopefully).
Disadvantages include: a) If you have two majors, it will be unlikely that you will be able to take many electives to enrich your college experience. b) Also, if you declare a 2nd major after you have already earned many credits, it may take longer than four years to graduate. Consult with your advisor for more feedback.

Q:) Would I get two diplomas for a double major?
A:) No, you only receive one diploma. When you complete the "Request for Graduation" form as a senior, you need to indicate which of your majors will appear on the diploma. Remember that your transcript WILL show both majors and both degrees that you have earned.

Q:  How many diplomas does a student receive for a dual degree?
A:  Two, one for each degree: For example: Communication Studies (B.A.) and Business Administration (B.S.).



Q:) Where can I get more information about the internship?
A:) See the internship policy, and also see where students have interned in the Internship Database, and of course, see your advisor.

Q:) Do I have to be in Bloomsburg to complete the internship?
A:) No, your internship can be located anywhere in the world.

Q:) My overall GPA is 2.49 or below, and I'm required to have an internship, but I need a 2.5 for that. What do I do?
A:) Internships are required for Communication Studies majors who have a 2.5 or higher GPA. If your GPA is 2.49 or lower by the time you should have an internship, you need to complete an "Internship Alternative Form" available from your advisor. The alternative to the internship will most likely be an additional 400 level Commstud course.

Q:) Can I complete my internship in any semester? (Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer)?
A:) Yes.

Q:) Are there scholarships for internships?
A:) Yes, students can apply for a Professional Experience Grant (PEG). Please be sure to note the deadline for application.



Q:) How do I determine when I can graduate?
A:) Consider using the "Planning Graduation Date" form along with the Graduation Check form. 100% accuracy in completion of the forms is needed, so consult with your advisor.

Q:) I'm a senior and I'm ready to graduate. What should I do?
A:) You need to complete an "Application for Graduation" form, which is available online. Information about this form should automatically be e-mailed to you as you approach 120 credits needed to graduate. If attending the graduation ceremony, don't forget to order your cap and gown at the bookstore.

Q:) I'm a senior and I will finish all of my coursework in Spring, but I still need to complete the internship in summer. When do I graduate?
A:) You graduate only after you have met all degree requirements. However, you may attend the spring graduation ceremony if you will finish all degree requirements in the summer (such as the internship). You may attend the spring graduation ceremony only because there is not an August graduation ceremony.

Q:) I'm graduating and I'm still not sure about what I want to do after graduation. What do I do?
A:) Discuss career opportunities with your academic advisor and then talk to other faculty as well. Remember that anyone can give you advice.



Q:) How do I find a job?
A:) While there is no single place to begin your search, here are some ideas to get you started:



Q:) Should I go to graduate school?
A:) It all depends on your personal and professional goals. Do consider that some graduate level programs offer graduate assistantships (tuition waivers) which help with the costs tremendously.

Q:) What are some graduate programs that Communication Studies undergraduates have gone into?
A:) There are dozens of diverse areas that our graduates have enrolled. Some of the popular ones include: Masters in Communication; Law school; Masters in Counseling; Masters in Instructional Technology; Master in Educational Leadership: College Student Affairs; Masters in Business Administration. These are examples of possible graduate programs. Contact your advisor for more ideas.

Q:) What's the GRE?
A:) The GRE is a standardized test that some universities require as part of the application process for graduate level programs. Be sure to check to see if the graduate program that you wish to apply to requires this or another test. More info at http://www.ets.org/gre

Q:) Do you know of any practice tests or study classes for the GRE?
A:) BU has a GRE Preparation Program - which includes 2 computerized practice tests and 8 study group sessions. Also - there are many resources available online. You can buy GRE prep books from places like Amazon.com - Be sure to get the recent editions of the books.