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Holly Davis
The end is quickly approaching but as I reflect on my time here, I could not be more thankful for the experiences and memories I have accumulated over the past four years. Majoring in Communication Studies, with an Organizational Communication track and having a minor in Human Resources, has opened many doors for me and has prepared me for the professional world. I also have to give special thanks to the National Communication Association Student Club for giving me great advice and even greater friends. I am sad to leave Bloomsburg, but I am eager to start my next chapter at a biopharmaceutical company called Trevena in King of Prussia and show off all the skills I have acquired at Bloomsburg. I will be interning in their HR Department where I will train the new employees on their compensation and benefits packages.

Featured Graduate

Boe Kline

I have always wanted to speak publically as a career, especially on topics of inspiration and purpose. Being part of the Communication Studies program has helped me to “know my audience,” their needs, as well as equipped me with strategies to best address these needs. I have used these strategies often, as I have been asked to speak on nearly 20 occasions, with audiences ranging from at-risk students like myself, to clubs, students and faculty at a national conference, as well as women’s issues. I plan to continue speaking, studying purpose, and creating ways to help others find it.

Department News:
December/January 2016

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Invited Lectures
On January 9, Dr. Angela La Valley gave a talk at the First English Baptist Church of Bloomsburg titled “Negotiating to Get What You Want: Finding Balance in Work and Life.”

On January 27, Dr. Shavonne Shorter gave a talk to the Alliance for Student Achievement Program at Bloomsburg University titled, “The Quest for Success.”

Scholarly Activity
Dr. Eric C. Miller interviewed a pair of notable authors for the web magazine ReligionDispatches. His conversation with historian Neil J. Young appeared on December 1, and with religion scholar Seth Dowland on January 28.