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Congrats to Kim Hollister - The BU Student Employee of the Year! Kim, a senior chemistry major who works as an office assistant for the Communication Studies Department, won a $500 scholarship funded through the University Foundation.

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Facia Nyego Sirleaf
Beginning my undergraduate career as an undeclared student was the best decision I could have ever made. It allowed me the opportunity to fall in love with Anthropology, Gender Studies, and Communication Studies. Not only has this area of study enhanced the love I have for Anthropology and gender and ethnicity, it has given me the confidence I need to thrive as a public speaker and critical thinker. Through classes such as Gender issues in Communication, I was able to develop a passion for analyzing gender as well as ethnicity in different cultural contexts, specifically African culture. After learning tools to effectively communicate in professional settings and volunteering for two semesters, I interned at The Women’s Resource Center on campus and worked as a teaching assistant in the Communication Studies department. I have also won the Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activities Grant (U.R.S.C.A.), which I used to conduct research in Fez, Morocco for my project titled I Like the Color: Race and Ethnicity in Morocco.  I have also presented research at a Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) conference titled Romance Never Dies: An Ethnographic Study of Romance Novel Enthusiasts which focused on an application of literary anthropology.
I believe that Communication Studies has prepared me for graduate school as well helping me become a well-grounded scholar. Public speaking, gender issues in communication, and intercultural communication prepared me the most with being able to engage with audiences and articulate the love I have for my areas of study. With everything I have learned I plan to complete graduate studies by combining my love for Communication and African Studies to one day be able to work for the United Nations.

Featured Graduate

Boe Kline

I have always wanted to speak publically as a career, especially on topics of inspiration and purpose. Being part of the Communication Studies program has helped me to “know my audience,” their needs, as well as equipped me with strategies to best address these needs. I have used these strategies often, as I have been asked to speak on nearly 20 occasions, with audiences ranging from at-risk students like myself, to clubs, students and faculty at a national conference, as well as women’s issues. I plan to continue speaking, studying purpose, and creating ways to help others find it.

Department Faculty

Shuzhen Huang, Ph.D.

Dr. Shuzhen HuangDr. Shuzhen Huang explores the complexity of subjectivities and theorizes alternative cultural practices that open up opportunities to extend and rethink dominant frameworks of knowledge. Oriented around culture and diversity, her work is situated at the intersection of intercultural communication, gender and sexuality studies, and critical-cultural communication studies. Having trained in multiple disciplines (Journalism, Gender Studies, and Communication Studies) and lived in multiple cultures, she is committed to interdisciplinary, transnational, and intersectional methods in her research and teaching. Her recent research focus is on the communicative practices of marginalized groups and their global, cultural and material articulations through gender, sexuality, race and class.

Dr. Huang is devoted to critical pedagogy and she sees teaching as intricately intertwined with scholarship. In her teaching, she is committed to cultivate a classroom environment that respects different voices and nurtures diversity. Having taught at different universities in both China and the U.S. for seven years enables Dr. Huang to work with students of diverse backgrounds by consistently reflecting on and improving her pedagogical capacities.

Dr. Huang has been actively engaged in current scholarly conversations and has earned top paper honors from international, national, and regional conferences in the Communication discipline. Outside of the U.S., she has been an editor and translator of English articles on LGBT movements and theories for a community-based LBT women support group in mainland China. She has also been invited twice as a guest speaker on the topics of “Transnational Queer Theory” and “Public Sphere and Counterpublic” at Nanjing University, a leading university in mainland China.