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Dr Shavonne Shorter was featured on the “Get to know your campus” video series. You can watch it here.



Congrats to Facia Sirleaf for receiving the Outstanding Student in Communication Studies Award - 2018!

Congratulations to graduate Tamika Austin - for winning an award from the Pennsylvania College Personnel Association (PCPA) Read more.

Congratulations to Amanda Weaver and her debate partner Tanisha Webster (Business Administration) for winning the 4th Annual Frederick Douglass Debate Society Tournament on Thursday, April 5th, 2018 at West Chester University. We are very proud of you!


Congrats to The National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC)! NCASC was selected as the 2018 Bloomsburg University Student Organization of the Year for their outstanding work in the areas of leadership, programming, and service.

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Facia Nyego Sirleaf
Beginning my undergraduate career as an undeclared student was the best decision I could have ever made. It allowed me the opportunity to fall in love with Anthropology, Gender Studies, and Communication Studies. Not only has this area of study enhanced the love I have for Anthropology and gender and ethnicity, it has given me the confidence I need to thrive as a public speaker and critical thinker. Through classes such as Gender issues in Communication, I was able to develop a passion for analyzing gender as well as ethnicity in different cultural contexts, specifically African culture. After learning tools to effectively communicate in professional settings and volunteering for two semesters, I interned at The Women’s Resource Center on campus and worked as a teaching assistant in the Communication Studies department. I have also won the Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activities Grant (U.R.S.C.A.), which I used to conduct research in Fez, Morocco for my project titled I Like the Color: Race and Ethnicity in Morocco.  I have also presented research at a Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) conference titled Romance Never Dies: An Ethnographic Study of Romance Novel Enthusiasts which focused on an application of literary anthropology.
I believe that Communication Studies has prepared me for graduate school as well helping me become a well-grounded scholar. Public speaking, gender issues in communication, and intercultural communication prepared me the most with being able to engage with audiences and articulate the love I have for my areas of study. With everything I have learned I plan to complete graduate studies by combining my love for Communication and African Studies to one day be able to work for the United Nations.

Featured Student

Gabrielle Narr
I am currently a Junior at Bloomsburg University in the Communication Studies major with a concentration in Organizational Communication. I also have a minor in Human Resources. The decision to choose this major and minor was the best decision I could have made as an incoming freshman. The classes I have taken in my major and minor have set me up to be successful in any career I choose. I am now an ethical thinker, organized, have great interpersonal skills, work well in diverse groups, and thrive as a public speaker. Not only have I gained these great skills, but being a Communication Studies major has given me the courage to get involved, which led to me joining my national sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma. Throughout my time in Phi Sigma Sigma I have held three leadership positions which are, scholarship chair, sisterhood development chair, and fundraising chair. I loved fundraising when I did it and it gave me the inspiration to want to pursue a career in Event Planning. Through my connections in Phi Sigma Sigma I received the opportunity to intern over the winter of 2017 at an event planning company called Philly2Night. During my internship I was involved in the process of planning and implementing events. I also worked closely with the events production manager. My favorite event that we planned was our New Years Eve Gala at the Seaport Museum. During my time as an intern at Philly2Night I gained real life experience, personal growth, field experience, and professional skill building. Throughout my time in the Communication Studies Department there have been two professors that have really stood out and helped me strive to be my best. Dr. Shavonne Shorter and Dr. Mary King have really been a great inspiration to me. They both encouraged me to be ambitious and do something that I never thought I would be able to do— achieve a 4.0 in the Spring 2017 semester. I also served as a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Mary King's Introduction to Communication Studies course. This provided an opportunity to build leadership and teamwork skills. I am very grateful for my professors and classmates that have helped me become the best version of myself. Communication Studies has prepared me for life after graduation, even if I'm not ready to graduate.

Department News:

March 2018 Newsletter

Communication Day

Communication Day is a one-day research conference sponsored by the 2018 Student Organization of the Year, the National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC). It took place Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 in the Kehr Union Ballrooms. Communication Day was a very successful event with over 350 attendees. The following presentations featured Communication Studies faculty, students, and alumni:

Dr. Ningxin Wang
“Mix-media relationships: Understanding multiple communication in close relationships”

Dr. Skye Chernichky-Karcher
“Family communication during times of stress and crisis”

Dr. Shuzhen Huang
“Transnationalism and Communication Studies”

Frederick Douglass Debate Society (Drs. Green, Miller, and Shorter, Ms. Amanda Weaver)
“The debate over removing confederate monuments in the United States”

Speak Out! Panel (Ms. Gina Rodriguez)
“Q & A session with students from the LGBTQA Community”

Ms. Kylie Ryan & Mr. Joshua Lloyd
“Study abroad panel”

Dr. Janet Bodenman – “Knock ‘em dead at the interview”

Dr. Erin Brummett and Panelists Ms. Courtney Enderline, Ms. Katherine Schmidt & Ms. Facia Sirleaf
“Connections across differences: Examining moments of (in)effective interracial dialogue through theory and practice”

Dr. Elizabeth Petre
“Elevator pitches and professional introductions"

Dr. Mary King
“Individual and relational experiences of unintended pregnancy"

Dr. James Petre
“Basics of saving and investing”

Kate Armstrong & Panelists
“What is Instructional Technology?”
MSIT Graduate Student

Ms. Courtney Underline, Ms. Jolene Drum, Ms. Nicole Donlick, & Ms. Jen Galer
“Addressing negative behaviors and situations: Water cooler and locker room talk”

Undergraduate Students, Communication Studies
Ms. Claire Simoff & Mr. Thomas Weber
“Study abroad panel”

Featured Talk

Dr. Shuzhen Huang presented the featured talk as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day at BU on Wednesday, March 26th. Her talk was titled "Teaching and Research as Activism.”