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The English Department offers a program with three tracks: one which emphasizes literature and linguistics, one which emphasizes creative writing, and one which emphasizes secondary education. The Secondary Education Program is administered jointly by the Department of English and the Department of Educational Studies and Secondary Education, and certifies graduates to teach in secondary schools. The department also offers a minor in English, Creative Writing and Professional Writing as well as housing interdisciplinary minors in Ethic Studies in the Unitied States and in Gender Studies.

Listed below are the Department's mission statement and descriptions of the various parts of this website.

***The site is always going to be in a certain state of fluidity. Currently the entire departmental site is being revised and will be reposted within the the Content Management System (CMS) used by the university. However, that process is not complete, so the most current information for the English Department is found here. Updates being worked on include updated information on the minors in the department, pod casting for students about advisement, editable PDF forms for advisors and students, and a streaming video made by students in the Writing for Multiple Media class about the department. If you have questions or hopes for the site, please contact Dr. Michael Martin about your concerns.***


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of English is to support the growth of English as a profession and to develop students' critical reading and writing skills.  The Department seeks to provide students with opportunities to analyze diverse literatures; an understanding of how language functions; knowledge of multiple interpretive tools; and the ability to use language creatively and powerfully for exposition, persuasion, and artistic effect.  With its strong emphasis on developing students' strengths as creative critical thinkers and effective writers and on providing a strong foundation in the humanities, the English major prepares students for careers in the wide range of fields that value these skills. 

            Specifically, the Department's programs prepare students for professional writing, creative writing, editing, graduate studies, and the teaching of English at the secondary level.  The Department offers a program where students can major in three possible tracks: one which emphasizes literature and linguistics, one which emphasizes creative writing, and one which emphasizes secondary education.  The Department also provides substantial support to Bloomsburg University's General Education program, specifically in the areas of the first-year experience, the university writing program, General Education humanities offerings, and interdisciplinary and diversity programming.

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Look into opportunities for a minor and internships both within and outside of the department. Specific pages about each minor in the department are under construction and will be added during the Fall of 2009

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