Ernest Hemingway

English Advisement Information

Scheduling for Spring 2014

The brochure for Spring 2014 will be posted soon. Please note, that it is always important to meet with your advisor each semester. Therefore, see your advisor before scheduling, even if you think you know what you need. As the department is continually re-evaluating their processes, it is always important to check to see if there are any changes regarding your program, be it a major or a minor. This is particularly true with the adding of the new General Education program and understanding course credits versus General Education Points (GEPs)

If you are unsure who your advisor is, please contact Dr. Tina Entzminger at either 570-389-4432 or

Reserved Enrollment in Courses

Survey and other lower-division courses: We have small reserves of seats in most of these courses. If you are unable to schedule a needed English course, contact Dr. S. Michael McCully (BCH 115A).

Minimum Grade Requirement in Secondary Education

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires for certification a grade of C or better in any/every course in a student's content area. This means that you must have a C (not a C-) or better in an English course in order to have it count toward completion of your Secondary English program.

Departmental Policy Regarding Overloads in Composition 1 and other courses

Composition 1 courses and other courses are capped at the designated departmental levels and faculty are not
authorized to "pink slip" students into the class.


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