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The Minor in Ethnic Studies in the United States

The Ethnic Studies Minor provides students the opportunity to examine and understand the importance of globalization and ethnicity in a interdisciplinary approach. As the world continues to become more interdependent, understanding the complexity of the ethnic tapestry here in the United States can be achieved through the variety of courses and faculty backgrounds provided in this minor.

The Minor

The minor's comparative perspective gives students a unique opportunity to select and link courses from a variety of departments and disciplines within the College of Liberal Arts. Furthermore, the program also encourages students to connect the experiences of people of various ethnicities within the United States to those in other countries both from a current and historical context.

Program Requirements:
The minor consists of 18 Credits (six course) and students must select two classes from each of the three categories:

  • Core Courses
  • Focus Courses and
  • Global and Elective Courses

The core courses provide students with a broad background in the study of ethnicity. These courses help students develop a critical framework for analysis. Courses address the complex national and international forces that have shaped ethnicity in the U.S, as they relate to gender, class, generation, race, religion, regional, urban, rural, sexual, and political identity.

The focus courses allow students to pursue a concentrated examination of particular ethnic groups. Classes examine the oppressive forces of discrimination and racism. However, they also explore ethnic group empowerment by studying creative strategies used to negotiate and construct ethnic identity. This includes the creation of kinship networks, ethnic enclaves, and ethnic community associations.

Global and Elective Courses allow students to develop an individualized program of study based upon their own interests.

Contact Information:

The minor is housed in the English Department and is directed by an advisory board. Members of the advisory board include:

Jerry Wemple (Director, Ethnic Studies Minor) Department of English
Gloria Cohen-Dion, Department of Political Science
Betina Entzminger, Department of English
Heather Smith Feldhaus, Department. of Sociology
Nancy Gentile Ford, Department of History
Brenda Keiser, Department of Languages and Cultures
Jeff Long, Department of History
Cristina Mathews, Department of English
Chris Podeschi, Department of Sociology
Safa Saracoglu, Department of History
Kara Shultz, Department of Communication Studies
Faith Warner, Department of Anthropology

Contact the respective office with questions about internships.

For More Information Please Contact Professor Jerry Wemple, Director
Office: 116B Bakeless * Email: * Phone 570-389-4881

For a printable flier about the program, please click here

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