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The English Department at Bloomsburg University is a vibrant place where both faculty and students are encouraged to develop and flourish through written, verbal and visual communication. To sustain those endeavors, both faculty and students are supported through events and publications as well as through internships and professional development opportunities throughout the calendar year both on and off campus.

This page is currently being developed to showcase those opportunities. Please see the information as noted below about events during this semester.

Alumni Return to Extol the Benefits of an English Degree in Today's World

"Learning What it Takes: Preparing for the Working World"

On April 9, 2012 the English Department, in concert with the College of Liberal Arts (COLA) hosted former students with degrees from the English Department, who are currently working in a variety of positions in the business world.

The panel which included Grant Clauser (BA English and Philosophy '91 and an MFA in English from Bowling Green State '93), Alison Hardy (BA English 2007), Marisa Peterson (BA English 2010), and Shawn Rosler (BS English/Secondary Education 2000 and MSIT 2002) spoke passionately about their experiences in the English Department at Bloomsburg and how they have been able to use that degree in a multitude of ways. Explaining how they have used their strong writing and communication skills as a foundation for doing what they love, they helped current students see how reading, writing and research are valuable skills in a wide variety of positions.

In answering students' questions, they offered sage advice in topics from interviewing to internships and project management to technology. The conversation fit nicely into the College of Liberal Arts vision, which strongly advocates the importance of a strong liberal arts background as a marketable skill in today's world.

Grant Clauser Mr. Clauser has taught writing in several positions and moved toward publishing as the editor of several technology magazines. Currently, he is the technology editor of Electronic House and the Web Site editor of In 2010 he was selected as the Montgomery County Poet Laureate by Robert Bly and his collection of poems titled The Trouble with Rivers was recently published by Foothills Publishing.

Alison Hardy Ms. Hardy holds the position as Annual Giving Officer at the Mercy Health Foundation in Baltimore, MD. Prior to that, she was administrative coordinator in the Development Office, Heart and Vascular Institute for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine for three years. She is a graduate student in the Liberal Arts program at Loyola University.

Marisa Peterson Ms. Peterson is currently the Franchise Sales Coordinator for Jackson Hewitt in Parsippany, NJ. She processes applications for franchises and creates the contract once a territory is purchased. In addition, she has trained four puppies for the Seeing Eye School, qualifying those puppies to serve as guide dogs. In November of 2011, she was award winner of the National Novel Writing Month; she wrote a 50,000 novel in 30 days.

Shawn Rosler Mr Rosler is the lead analyst/project manager for EHR Computer Based Training (CBT) Development team at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. His experience, since graduation, includes teaching to management, holding the office of Dean of Students at a junior college, and designing and developing dynamic, interactive and efficient CBT for a wide variety of clients. He has published and presented to academic, medical and corporate audiences.

Ervene Gulley Faculty Lecture Series This lecture series provides an opportunity for faculty and students to learn about the academic interests of the faculty on campus. It is supported by Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society and named in honor of the late chair of the department and long time advisor of the honor society.

S.O'Donnell Dr. Sue O'Donnell, an Assistant Professor of Art, who has an MFA in Visual Arts from Purchase College in New York presented a talk titled "Stories as Art/Art as Stories". Her work as a visual artist combines story-telling, books, art and graphic design. As an artist, creates visual narratives that resemble maps, graphs or timelines based on person experience and memory. She is an active member of the campus and a strong supporter of the Moose Exchange Liberal Arts Projects in Bloomsburg.

Sigma Tau Delta Crest

Sigma Tau Delta: The International Honor Society of English Majors and Minors has a capture here at Bloomsburg, and is housed in the Department of English. The society seeks to recognize students who excel in literary studies and supports their work as they grow through enriching their knowledge through academic and scholarly endeavor. During the fall of 2011, the chapter was active during the holiday decorating a tree to the theme of Dr. Seuss and titling the tree "Oh the Places You Go". They raised $150.00 to sponsor their tree.

Spring 2012 inductees into the honor society include Hannah Bennett, Megan Berbaum, Lindsay Carriera, Daniel Clark, Clarris Coffay, Meredith Coleman, Laura Dzienius, Erik Kile, Krista Kobbe, Megan Koontz, Kristal Martinez, Katrina Mavroudis, Rae Meade, Zachary Meyers, Jamie Nemec, Danielle Petry, Teresa Robbins, Samantha Smith, Mary Stopford, Jamie Wagner, Christina Walter, and Chelsey Whitmiller.

Their Spring Banquet will be on April 27th. Picture from the fall and their tree event are below.

Sigma Tau Delta Fall 2011

English Students of Sigma Tau Delta gather Fall 2011

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