Summer Honors Program 2013

Music and Media: A Grand European Tour

The 2013 Summer Honors Program is sponsored by Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. The program offers a multi-cultural, interdisciplinary experience throughout major cities in Western Europe including London, Salzburg, Vienna, Venice, and Rome. We will focus on the rich musical and media heritage of the region along with various acoustical and communication features of Europe's most famous venues. Prior to the trip, students will receive extensive background information on each site. They will then see these venues first hand and experience their amazing features.

For more detailed information, check out the following.
Bloomsburg University Summer Study Abroad Brochure: here
Course descriptions and syllabi:
Global Media & Society
Topics in Western European Music

Eligibility: All Honors students in good standing are eligible to apply, except those students who have previously participated in a Summer Study Abroad Honors Program. Freshmen Honors students who will have completed 15 credits by the end of the Fall 2012 semester may apply. Applicants must commit to return to BU in the Fall 2013 and must additionally commit to remain in the Honors Program.

Good Standing: This is a relative, somewhat subject phrase, and good standing varies, depending upon your year. To be in good standing, an Honors student must have a GPA above 3.00. The following general rules also apply.

Freshman: Completed one Honors course by the end of this semester (does not include Honors Composition).

Sophomore: Completed at least three Honors courses by the end of this academic year and involved in service to the Honors Program and university.

Junior: Completed at least four Honors courses by the end of the academic year, currently enrolled in or completed Introduction to Research, significantly involved in service to the Honors Program and university.

Senior: Must be graduating in December 2013. Completed at least four Honors courses by the end of the academic year, completing HIS and plan to finish by graduation in December, significantly involved in service to the Honors Program and university.

Application Procedure

(1) Complete the application here. This is the first page of your application.
(2) Complete the Waiver Form here. This form must be completed and included with your application. Applicants must provide individual proof of insurance.
(3) Write a brief (no more than two pages) personal essay indicating interest in this program and specifically how this opportunity will benefit you and the Honors Program. Please use the title: Summer Honors Program: Music and Media: A Grand European Tour.
(4) Write a separate, short essay (no more than two pages) describing your involvement in the Honors Program. Specifically, describe in detail the Honors courses (including independent study) completed with additional appropriate comments, and Honors activities including field trips, service, and social events. Please include information about any other significant service activities at Bloomsburg University. Please use the title: Honors Portfolio.

Additional BU Requirement: BU Honors students must also commit to return to Bloomsburg University, remain active in the Honors Program, and present a summary of your experience at the first general meeting of the Honors Program in the Fall. Successful applicants will be asked to sign a letter of commitment indicating these stipulations.

Deadline: Completed applications are due in the Honors Center by Wednesday, November 28, 4:00 pm. Applications will be reviewed by the Honors Advisory Committee. Two scholarship recipients and two alternates will be selected by January 30, 2013.

Notes: Students are strongly recommended to apply for a passport in conjunction with their application in order to receive this document in a timely manner. Each student selected to participate in this program will receive a scholarship covering the cost of tuition, room and board, travel and transportation for required field trips. Students should bring extra money to cover meals not provided by the program, incidental expenses, and optional travel or entertainment. There is also a mandatory program orientation at Bloomsburg University on Sunday, March 10, 2013.

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