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The Honors Program provides unique educational opportunities and experiences for academically talented students. The program challenges students to aspire to high academic standards and to achieve more professionally and personally. Students engage in various service activities that foster cooperation and altruism.


The Honors Program will serve the university and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by fostering a community of scholars committed to academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, respect for diverse cultures and ideas, and social responsibility.

As a student in the Bloomsburg University Honors Program you will:

Honors Students Having Some Fun

Work Within Your Field on an Individual Research Project

Choose a research topic within your field of study and, with the help of a dedicated faculty mentor, complete a written thesis and presentation to the Honors community. This independent study project allows every Honors student the opportunity to present their research at the annual meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council, attended by students and faculty of Honors Programs across the country. Your hard work and presentation skills at this event show your dedication, commitment, and skill within your field, and your ability to work independently.

Get Involved in Your Community

Become involved in BU and community service projects, and make a difference with groups like the Bloomsburg Fire Department, Relay for Life, TreeFest, Balanced Care, and Habitat for Humanity. These projects enrich the community, provide a great sense of satisfaction, and help you discover other talents and skills.

Become Part of the Honors Community

Be surrounded by like-minded, academically proactive students in our Living and Learning Community, an honors-student-only floor of Luzerne Hall - connected directly to the Honors Center.

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Enjoy Smaller Classes with Fewer Students Per Class

Smaller classes allow you to receive more attention from your professors and cover topics in greater depth and breadth. Build professional and personal relationships with your teachers so that you can create a strong network of academic references and contacts for the future.

Utilize Priority Scheduling

Schedule your classes before the main student body. Double and triple majoring and minoring makes it a challenge to graduate on time. Priority scheduling allows you to enroll in the classes you need to get the education you want.

Get Settled Early

Move onto campus a day early and be welcomed by current Honors students. The Move-In Crew will help you ease into your dorm and get acclimated to campus, Bloomsburg, and the surrounding areas. Making immediate connections with experienced Honors students gives you an honest, inside perspective on classes, campus life, and prospective jobs after college.

Get Your Bearings

The Honors program has its own orientation that takes place in the days before the campus-wide freshmen orientation. Team building, a scavenger hunt, and barbecue are all on the schedule.

Students from the Bloom U Honors Program


The Honors Program offers several trips for students every year. Honors students visit exciting places from other states to other countries. Expand your worldview and learn about other cultures. The Bloomsburg Honors Program plans annual trips to New York City in the fall and Washington D.C. in the spring. We are also trying to establish an annual service trip to Jamaica.

"During the trip, we were exposed to Jamaican culture, language, traditions, and many breathtaking sights. The food, hospitality and company exceeded all expectations." - Alison Huber



The Bloomsburg University Honor Program is a community of students and faculty with strong academic, social, and service aspirations.


Honors Department Offices
Located on the corner of Luzerne nearest the BU store, across from the Kehr Union building.


Feel free to contact the honors department with any questions you may have.
Phone: (570) 389-5481
Email: sthonors@bloomu.edu
More contact information can be found at the contact us page on this site.