Executive Board, 2013-2014

President Austin Olson
Vice President Christina Flaherty
HAC Representative Meredith Salmon
Treasurer Ryan McCampbell
Secretary Katherine Darling
Recruitment Co-Chair Allison Huber
Recruitment Co-Chair Brendon Juengst
Service Co-Chair Alexis Wasko
Service Co-Chair Dannielle Rayhon
Fundraising Abigail Messinger
Historian Abigail Brown
Program Chair Alison Martino
Relay for Life Chair Katie Mullen
Freshmen Class Rep Eric Murray
Sophomore Class Rep Karli Miller
Junior Class Rep Bryce Foster
Senior Class Rep Natalie Greenholt

Executive Board, 2012-2013

President Sarah Gorr
Vice President Elizabeth Lee
HAC Representative George Specht
Treasurer Amanda Mirabile
Secretary Amanda Sissock
Recruitment Co-Chair Olivia Rios
Recruitment Co-Chair Sarah Vandergriff
Service Co-Chair Karlee Lebo
Service Co-Chair Emily Arcuri
Fundraising Elaine Tierney
Historian Katrina Wright
Program Chair Tricia Forgit
Freshman Class Rep Aaron Johnson
Sophomore Class Rep Bryce Foster
Junior Class Rep Natalie Greenholt
Senior Class Rep Anne Reno



The Bloomsburg University Honor Program is a community of students and faculty with strong academic, social, and service aspirations.


Honors Department Offices
Located on the corner of Luzerne nearest the BU store, across from the Kehr Union building.


Feel free to contact the honors department with any questions you may have.
Phone: (570) 389-5481
Email: sthonors@bloomu.edu
More contact information can be found at the contact us page on this site.