Honors Advisory Committee Members

The mission of the Honors Advisory Committee is to serve as advocate for the Honors Program, its students and faculty, and to aid in the administration of the program. The committee monitors adherence to guidelines and policies, updates and clarifies policies, helps to solicit proposals for Honors Program courses, reviews and makes recommendations concerning Honors Program scholarship applications, conducts Honors Program applicant interviews, and reviews and makes recommendations concerning applicants as necessary.

Honors Advisory Committee Bylaws: here.

Current Faculty Members:
Claire Lawrence (Chair), English, College of Liberal Arts, clawrenc@bloomu.edu, 389-4658
Stephen Kokoska (Program Director), Mathematics, College of Science and Technology, skokoska@bloomu.edu, 389-4713
Joan Benek Rivera (Interim Director), Management, College of Business, jrivera@bloomu.edu, 389-4813
Mark Bauman, Educational Studies and Secondary Education, mbauman@bloomu.edu, 389-4692
John Bodenman, Geography and Geosciences, College of Science and Technology, jbodenm2@bloomu.edu, 389-4697
Helmut Doll, Institute for Interactive Technologies, College of Science and Technology, hdoll@bloomu.edu, 389-4848
Mary Katherine Duncan, Psychology, mduncan@bloomu.edu,389-4469
Christina Force, Business Education and ITM, College of Business, cforce@bloomu.edu, 389-5208
Christian Grandzol, Management, College of Business, cgrandzo@bloomu.edu, 389-4521
Brooke Lylo, Exceptionality Programs, College of Education, blylo@bloomu.edu, 389-5152
David Magolis, Mass Communications, College of Liberal Arts, dmagolis@bloomu.edu, 389-4921
Jennifer Oast, History, College of Liberal Arts, joast@bloomu.edu, 389-4651
Cynthia Surmacz, Biology, College of Science and Technology, csurmacz@bloomu.edu, 389-4132
Thomas Zalewski, Audiology and Speech Pathology, College of Science and Technology, tzalewsk@bloomu.edu, 389-4438

Current Student Members:
Sarah Bartra, Honors Student Executive Board President, skb91735@huskies.bloomu.edu
Nick Cellucci , Honors Student Executive Board HAC Representative, npc88656@huskies.bloomu.edu


The Bloomsburg University Honor Program is a community of students and faculty with strong academic, social, and service aspirations.


Honors Department Offices
Located on the corner of Luzerne nearest the BU store, across from the Kehr Union building.


Feel free to contact the honors department with any questions you may have.
Phone: (570) 389-5481
Email: sthonors@bloomu.edu
More contact information can be found at the contact us page on this site.