HIS Presentations, Spring 2012

Melanie Koch
Mentor: Dr. Pamela Smith
Title: Articulation Errors in Distinction
Elizabeth Lee
Mentor: Dr. Elisabeth Culver
Title: Health Care Needs in Nicaragua
Sara Cheatwood
Mentor: Dr. Michael Shapeero
Title: How Susceptible is a College Student’s Life to Identity Theft?
Emily Levitin
Mentor: Dr. Victoria Geyfman
Title: The Great Depression and the Great Recession: A Comparative Analysis
Evan Graf
Mentor: Dr. Jason Genovese
Title: Movie Production: Behind the Scenes
Vanessa Martin
Mentor: Dr. John Waggoner
Title: Temperature Metonymies for Emotions in Preschool-Age Children
Tricia Forgit
Mentor: Dr. Alan Goodboy
Title: Deceptions in Relationships
Danielle Walsh
Mentor: Dr. Pamela Smith
Title: Priming and Lexical Decisions in Bilingual Persons
Sarah Szczepanski
Mentor: Dr. Robert Gates and Dr. Luke Springman
Title: Best Practices Pertaining to the Learning Styles of Students Enrolled in University Level German I Course
Megan Koontz
Mentor: Dr. Christine Sperling
Title: Edith Fetherston: A 20th Century American Naive Artist
Jarrid Dekovitch
Mentor: Dr. Aberra Senbeta
Title: The Effects of Student Spending on the Local Business Economy
Zachary Rothweiler
Mentor: Dr. Drue Coles
Title: Minimization and Generalization of Sorting Networks
Kathryn Young
Mentor: Dr. Pamela Smith
Title: Video Social Stories via Apple iPad for Children with Autism
Sarah Gorr
Mentor: Dr. David Walker
Title: What Current Educators Know about the Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Amanda Machey
Mentor: Dr. David Magolis
Title: What Teachers Perceptions on Mobile Learning in the Classroom Setting
Kayla Binger
Mentor: Dr. Joan Miller
Title: Uncertainty in Illness of Diabetics Living in Rural Communities
Jamie O'Neill
Mentor: Dr. Joan Miller
Title: Uncertainty in Illness of Diabetics Living in Suburban Communities
Brittany Vaszlavik
Mentor: Dr. Faith Warner
Title: Social Support, Stress, and Loneliness in College Freshmen
Morganne McCartney
Mentor: Dr. Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus
Title: Teaching Cluture through Music
Jamie Keister
Mentor: Dr. Joan Miller
Title: Spirituality and Religiosity Among Children Coping with Cancer and their Patients
Brittany Bohach
Mentor: Dr. Patricia Dorame-Holoviak
Title: Analysis of Influences of Spanish-Speakers on an Area's Medical Treatment Methods Dealing with Speech-Language Pathology
Sarah Vandergriff
Mentor: Dr. David Magolis
Title: Undergraduate Students' Attitudes and Perceptions of Mobile Learning

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