HIS Presentations, Fall 2011


Katie Zimmerman

Camp Counseling 101: A Guide to Understanding and Managing Your Camper's Behavior

Mentor: Dr. Timothy Knoster

Emily Pudlinski

Relationship Between Social Phobia and Alcohol

Mentors: Dr. Jeff Leitzel and Dr. Julie Kontos

Mandi Siegfried

How Have Educational Standards Impacted Teacher Creativity in the Classroom

Mentors: Dr. Frank D'Angelo and Ms. Nancy Edwards

Meghan Duell

Stress and Learning Responses of Honeybees When Exposed to Enfironmental Stressors

Mentor: Dr. John Hranitz

Connor McCauley

Developing a Performance Appraisal Tool

Mentor: Dr. Lawrence Kleiman

Brandon Dunbar

Studies on the Effect of Composted Materials on Pythium Root Rot

Mentor: Dr. Barry Nolt

Nicole Sensinger

Foreign Language Teaching Methodologies: Total Physical Response

Mentor: Dr. Dorame Holoviak

To download all of the pictures in their original size, click here (15.8MB).

To download all of the pictures in their original size, click here (17.6MB).


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