NCHC Annual Conference 2013, New Orleans, LA

The 2013 National Collegiate Honors Council annual meeting is in New Orleans, Louisiana, this year on November 6-10. New Orleans is a great convention city with lots to do and superb Cajun cuisine!

Theme: Conflict, Transformation, Creolization

Since its beginnings as a French colony in 1718, New Orleans has ever been a focal point of social and geopolitical conflicts. Evolving from the intersection of Native Americans, French and Spanish explorers, colonists, nuns and priests, as well as African slaves and free people of color, these confrontations resolved over time into a new synthesis by a process now known as Creolization. The cradle of jazz, Mardi Gras, and savory Cajun cuisine, New Orleans is a paradigm for the creativity that emerges from multicultural interplay. With the resurgence of Spanish language and culture brought by a new wave of immigrants following Hurricane Katrina in 2006, as well as the incursion of new investors in abandoned areas, cultural conflict and development continues to color the city. The resulting confrontations among values, languages, religions and artistic endeavors will continue to transform the city of New Orleans as a rich and unparalleled source of creative cultural synthesis.

Student Presenters

Research Panel:
Allison Huber: Nobles in the French Revolution
Poster Session:
Louisa Andrew: Kinetics of Blood Clot Formation in the Presence of Tetrapeptide Inhibitors
Elizabeth Kribbs: Understanding Conceptions about Individuals with Disabilities
Shelbi McGraw: Differences in Nursing Care for Multiple Births Compared to Single Births
Erik Rahner: Correlating mono-unsaturated fatty acid chain length to PPAR-dependent anti-proliferative effects in malignant melanoma
Meredith Salmon: The Detrimental Effects "Stream Cleaning" Has On Local Stream Ecosystems: An Examination of Benthic Organic Matter Retention in Unchannelized and Channelized Stream Reaches


Future NCHC Conference Dates and Locations

49th Annual NCHC Conference: November 5-9, 2014; Denver, Colorado at the Denver Sheraton Downtown

50th Annual NCHC Conference: November 11-15, 2015; Chicago, Illinois at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers

51st Annual NCHC Conference: October 12-16, 2016; Seattle at the Sheraton Seattle

52nd Annual NCHC Conference: November 8-12, 2017; Atlanta, Georgia at the Westin Atlanta



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