NCHC Annual Conference 2015, Chicago, IL


The 2015 National Collegiate Honors Council annual meeting is in Chicago, Illinois, this year on November 11-15.

Theme: Make No Little Plans

Recent events in the United States and around the world, informed in various measures by diversity issues – clashes over immigration, religious ideology, citizenship, healthcare, poverty, racial profiling, marriage equality – both on the street and in the statehouses underscore that thoughtful leadership related to diversity issues is needed now more than ever. The Chicago NCHC conference them for 2015, “Make No Small Plans,” invites those of us who are diversity advocates to dream big about diversity and Honors education.

Student Presenters
Poster Session:

Olivia Best: Effects of Chronic Stress on Relapse to Palatable Food Seeking

Abigail Brown: Music-Based Interventions to Enhance Behavior in Students

Shelby Coleman: A Study of Three Pure Water Sites in Sullivan County, PA

Bethany Lemak: The Effect on Reaction Times for a Prime Lexical Decision Task When Using a Mathematically Based Intervener Between Trials

Abigail Messinger: Providing SLP Services to Bilingual Aphasics: A National Survey

Austin Olson: The Effects of Scattered Radiation on Medical Personnel Wearing Lead Aprons

Aaron Whitebread: A Study of the Incident Response Rate for Security Breaches by PASSHE Students


Future NCHC Conference Dates and Locations

51st Annual NCHC Conference: October 12-16, 2016; Seattle at the Sheraton Seattle

52nd Annual NCHC Conference: November 8-12, 2017; Atlanta, Georgia at the Westin Atlanta



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