Past HIS Projects


Scott Kenyon

Influence and Effectiveness of Campaign Advertisements

Mentor: Dr. Harry Strine IV

Deanna Foulke

A Study of How the Perceived Academic Integrity of College Professors Affects the Academic Integrity of Their Students

Mentor: Dr. Stephen Batory

Hannah Jones

Lost in Translation: Retelling the Tale of Joan of Arc

Mentor: Dr. William Hudon

Stephanie Kurtz

How the Public Perceives the Police: Research Results and Implications for Police-CommunityRelations

Mentor: Dr. Neal Slone

Alexandra Blahosky

Perceptions of Crime vs. Actual Crime Rates Among a Sample of Hazleton Residents

Mentor: Dr. Heather Feldhaus

Steven Budd

Mobile Device Internet Forensics

Mentor: Dr. Scott Inch

Mary Andrejack

Implementation of Web 2.0 Tools in the Business Education Classroom

Mentor: Dr. Loreen Powell

Debon Berger

Prevalence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Present on Environmental Surfaces at Bloomsburg University

Mentor: Dr. Karl Henry

Brian Caiazzo

The Formation and Application of the Molf Integer Sieve

Mentor:  Dr. Paul Loomis

Brooke Ridgeley

A Multigenerational Approach to Nutrition Education Programs

Mentor: Dr. Joseph Andreacci

Nayeem Islam

The Viability of Renewable Energy Technologies as a Form of Microcredit

Mentor:  Dr. Peter Bohling

Megan Shields

Gender Differences in Parental Interactions with their Child with a Language Impairment

Mentor:  Dr. Joneen Lowman

Graduating Honors students at the senior banquet

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Sarah Latovich

University Bed Mail: Updating the Essential Beginning to Every Student’s College Career

Mentor: Dr. Robert Gates

Sarah Beltz

Teaching Chinese Culture in an Elementary Classroom from the Chinese Perspective

Mentor: Dr. Sharon Solloway

Kay Blyler

A Study on Individual Disaster Preparedness Among Church-Goers in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Mentor: Dr. Michelle Ficca

Jennifer Simpson

Cultural Competency: An investigation of Bloomsburg University Nursing Students

Mentor: Dr. Annette Gunderman

Amanda Balz

The Kent State Massacre and the Generational Divide of the 1960s

Mentor: Dr. Jeanette Keith

Janelle Keister

Relationship of Work-Life Balance and Levels of Job Satisfaction Among Professors at Bloomsburg University

Mentor: Dr. Darrin Kass

Jared May

Garcinol, a Histone Acetyltransferase Inhibitor, Antagonizes Azole Antifungal Activity in the Fungal Pathogen Candida glabrata

Mentor: Dr. Karl Henry

Ryan Valencik

Forensic Analysis of Windows Media Player

Mentor: Dr. Scott Inch

Marcy Geyer

Photography Used as Propaganda in WWII, Vietnam and Iraq

Mentor: Dr. Vera Viditz-Ward

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