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We are currently in the process of developing this page - please check back soon for updates. This page will provide you with information and documentation related to the use of BOLT at Bloomsburg University. Click here for the BOLT Login Page.

What Students Need to Know About BOLT at BU

How do I access BOLT?

To access BOLT, navigate to and click on BU Account Login. This will take you to the HuskyID Single Sign-On page. Enter your Husky ID and password.

What's my HuskyID and password for BOLT?

-Your HuskyID is your complete BU email address -(
-Your PASSWORD is your HuskyID password.

How to Find Your Courses in BOLT

  1. Click on 'Select a course' in the top white mini-bar above the BOLT logo
  2. Type '2014Spring' (no spaces between 2014 and Spring) in the Search box
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon
  4. Pin your courses in order to keep them at the top of the list - click on pin to right of course name 

Why don't my courses show up in BOLT?

If you registered for a course but it doesn’t show up in the course list on BOLT, either your professor is not using BOLT or has not yet made the course active to students.

How do I get help using BOLT?

We will continue to add instructional videos and help documents with step-by-step instructions on using common BOLT tools such as discussions, the dropbox, and grades to this web page.

BOLT Support

How do I change my password in BOLT?

Click the 'Forgot My Password' button on the HuskyID Single Sign-On page. Please read the directions on the Password Change page carefully as changing this password will change your campus network password too.

When are students loaded into BOLT?

Students are loaded into BOLT the Thursday before classes begin. For Summer Sessions, they are loaded the Thursday before the start of the first Summer Session.

When are my courses available in BOLT?

If your instructor is using BOLT and has made the course active, your courses should show up the Thursday before classes begin.

If it is after the Thursday before classes begin and you still aren't seeing your courses in BOLT:

  • Check ISIS and make sure that you are officially enrolled in the course.
  • Make sure your instructor is using BOLT and has set the course to 'active'.

When will BOLT be unavailable due to regular maintenance?

BOLT will be unavailable the 2nd Sunday of every month from 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM EST.

How long will my BOLT account be active after I graduate?

Fall attendees will be removed on September 1 of the following year
Spring attendees will be removed on January 1 of the following year
Summer attendees will be removed on June 1 of the following year

Quick Links for Students
Student Documentation for BOLT
Student Online Tutorials for BOLT

You will need Flash Playerto view the tutorials.

General BOLT How To's

ePortfolio Tool

Example of Student ePortfolio Presentation

Example of Student Reflection on Class Project


Content in BOLT

Dropbox Tool (Assignments)

Quizzes in BOLT

Discussions in BOLT

Grades in BOLT

Online Rooms Tool

Checklist Tool

Chat Tool