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Respondus 4.0 is a software package used to develop exams and surveys that can be uploaded to BOLT, saved, or printed. The exam feature of Respondus allows you to enter fifteen question types. If you already have your exam questions in a word editing package, with some formatting, you can import the document into Respondus.

Download Respondus:

To access the Respondus download, log into BOLT and click on the 'Student' tab in the My Courses widget. You should see a course named Respondus Downloads.View the Download and Registration documentation for directions on how to install Respondus on your computer. Please email Julie Wolfe, if you do not have access to the Respondus course in BOLT.

Need Assistance Installing Respondus?

Please view the Download and Registration documentation to install Respondus.

Technical Support

If you have technical problems, you may visit the Respondus web site at If you don't find your answer in the Knowledge Base, you can submit a ticket in the ticket-based support. Here is the information you will need to submit a ticket:

For immediate technical assistance, contact:

Julie Wolfe
Instructional Support Specialist

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