Software Supported by the IMDC at BU

This page will identify the different types of software supported by the IMDC and also give a brief explanation of each one. The links on the right side of the page will provide you with additional information. Software that is only located in the IMDC will be noted.

Software List

BOLT logo

  • BOLT (Bloomsburg Online Learning and Teaching) is the Learning Management System used at Bloomsburg University. It can help you to extend learning beyond the classroom. Use BOLT to engage and assess student learning and improve the overall learning experience for your students. For more information on BOLT and how to use it, please visit our BOLT Instructor Support Page.


Learning Objects LogoCampus Pack logo

  • CampusPack is a set of applications that foster collaboration and active thinking in Blackboard. For more detailed information about each Campus Pack product listed below, please click here.

    • Journal LX logo provides a blog tool to engage students in reflective writing, facilitate learning via peer review and feedback, and encourage critical thinking and creativity.

    • Teams LX logo provides a wiki site where students work cooperatively to develop, write, and publish their solutions in the form of websites. Instructors can drill down to the individual's contribution and track the evolution of a group's response during the problem-solving process.

    • Podcast LX logo allows instructors and students to create and subscribe to audio feeds.


Respondus Logo

  • Respondus 3.5 is a software package used to develop exams and surveys that can be uploaded to Blackboard, saved, or printed. The exam feature of Respondus allows you to enter fifteen question types. If you already have your exam questions in a word editing package, with some formatting, you can import the document into Respondus. Please visit our Respondus web page for more information.

Turnitin Logo

  • Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention system provided through the web. It is accessed through Blackboard at BU. Students' papers are checked by Turnitin's in-house copy of the Internet (including public Internet, ProQuest, Periodical Abstracts, Business Dateline, and ABI Inform) and millions of submitted papers to Turnitin.

    Students submit papers in one of the following formats MS Word, WordPerfect, PDF, rtf, txt, HTML, and PostScript. The papers are immediately checked for plagiarism. A detailed report is available for the instructor to view. Any text found to be unoriginal is underlined, color-coded and linked to its original source. The report also includes the percentage of the paper that appears to be plagiarized and provides a tab with all matching sources in the paper. For more information regarding Turnitin, please click here.


Wimba Live Classroom

  • Wimba Live Classroom is collaboration software available through Blackboard that provides synchronous communication at a distance through the computer. The software supports application sharing, chat, live audio, video, content display, polling, and a whiteboard feature. The sessions may be archived for future viewing. Not teaching online? There are other ways to use Live Classroom. For example, you have a tough lesson that students would like to listen to again. You can record yourself presenting in your office using Live Classroom and make the archive available to the students. Please visit our Wimba web page for more information.

Wimba Voice Tools

  • Wimba Voice Tools provide you with the flexibility of adding audio to your Blackboard course. For example, you may want to create an announcement about an upcoming exam. You want the students to not only “see” the announcement but also “hear” it. Or, you’re teaching a foreign language class and you want students to speak the foreign language when participating in a discussion board. Voice Tools do copy to other courses and export for PodCasting! Please visit our Wimba web page for more information.
    TurningPoint Logo
  • TurningPoint is the standardized student response system at Bloomsburg University. It integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint to create interactive presentations. It allows instructors to collect, evaluate and record students' responses instantly.

    Student Response Systems can be used to:

    • Engage all students in the classroom, motivate students, increase student involvement;
    • Provide instant feedback both for students and instructors;
    • Collect students' performance data;
    • Take attendance;
    • Manage students' grades electronically.

Please visit our web page on TurningPoint for more detailed information.


Articulate Logo **(ONLY IN IMDC)**

  • Articulate is a program located in the IMDC that allows you to take your PowerPoint presentations and make them interactive. You can add narration, animation, quizzes and many other interactions to engage your students.You can create Reusable Learning Modules that can be posted on Blackboard or a web page for students to view on their own time or as a supplement to in-class material. Only located in the IMDC.


Captivate Logo

  • "Adobe Captivate 4 software is an easy-to-use, rapid eLearning content authoring tool that enables virtually anyone to create powerful and engaging simulations, software demonstrations, scenario-based training, and quizzes without programming or multimedia skills." - from
    Adobe Captivate 4 is available campus wide for faculty and staff.


Impatica Logo **(ONLY IN IMDC)**

  • Impatica is a program that allows you to convert your PowerPoint file, which can be narrated and have animations, into a compressed format. An Impatica file is typically 95% smaller than PowerPoint HTML files.


Wimba Create Logo

  • Wimba Create (for PC only) is a software package that allows you to convert Microsoft Word documents into a set of web pages that can be uploaded into Blackboard for your students. The web pages can include navigation and interactions such as hyperlinks, pop-ups and self-test questions. You access Wimba Create directly through Microsoft Word. Wimba Create is available campus wide for faculty and staff.


imac logo Macs at the IMDC


  • We have two Macs at the IMDC. One iMac and a MacBook Pro that is available for faculty use. The Macs have the standard software such as iLife '09 which includes iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand. Other software includes Office for Mac, iWork '09 and Final Cut Express.
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