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TurningPoint is the standardized student response system at Bloomsburg University. It integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint to create interactive presentations. It allows instructors to collect, evaluate and record students' responses instantly.

TurningPoint and BOLT

There is currently no integration with TurningPoint and BOLT. For 2014 Spring, Instructors will setup a class on the Instructor Clicker Registration site for students to register their clickers. Students will go to the Student Clicker Registration site to register their 'clickers'. Visit the links on the right side of the page for complete documentation. Please continue to check this site for updates and contact Julie Wolfe if you have questions.

Student Response Systems can be used to:

Instructor Resources

Getting Started with Turning Point
  • Be sure the new TurningPoint software and USB receiver are installed in the room that you would like to use TurningPoint in. If there is not, please submit a Help Desk ticket to have it installed.
  • Download and install the new TurningPoint software on your computer.
  • You may come to the Instructional Media Design Center (AL 206) for a one-on-one session or participate in a workshop to learn the software.
  • Remind students to purchase the response cards from the bookstore and register it throughTurningTechnologies Web Registration site.
  • Plan your grading philosophy.
  • Compile a sufficient number of good clicker questions and develop an interactive presentation.
  • Run your class incorporating the student response system.


Steps to Setup Your Class for TurningPoint
Links to Best Practices, Teaching Tips etc...

There are many great resources available on the topic of student response systems. Below are links to other sites with some fantastic resources already in place.

Effective Ways to Use Clickers in the Classroom

Faculty FAQ's (PDF)

Ohio State University Designing Questions for Clickers - Need some guidance designing "clicker" questions? Get some advice and examples from this site.

Ohio State University Tips for Clicker Use - This site provides some quick tips for promoting active learning experiences in large lecture courses. It also lists some challenges of clicker use and advice on how to work through them.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Best Practices - This site lists some Best Practices for clicker use which was created from faculty input after their first year of using clickers in the classroom. Also lists pedagogical uses that faculty found to be effective.

Iowa State University Clicker Teaching Tips - List some recommendations for the use of clickers in the classroom and also provides tips given by faculty members.

Teaching Ideas - Looking for ideas for your particular subject area? This site list some web resources that contain ideas for using student response systems in he classroom.

Ohio University Student Response System - This is Ohio University's SRS site. It contains a lot of good information regarding the use of clickers in the classroom. Includes videos of what instructors discussing why they use clickers in the classroom. Also includes information on making lectures interactive, designing good questions and best practices.

Other Helpful Links - This site contains links to other sites and resources that you may find helpful.


Student Resources

Purchasing Your NXT Response Card

Students may purchase the NXT response cards for TurningPoint's student response system through the Bloomsburg University Bookstore or Turning Technologies eCommerce site.

Turning Technologies eCommerce Site

URL: http://store.turningtechnologies.com

School: Bloomsburg University

Code: H59z

Please make sure you select Response Card NXT

XR response card
Using the XR Response Card in Class

When you use your XR response card in class you will want to make sure that you have the correct channel set so your answers will be accepted. The default channel is 41 and you will most likely not have to change channels. You will also need to be in Presentation Mode in order for your answers to be accepted. Please refer to the directions below.

How to Change Channels on XR Response Card (PDF)

How to set the XR Card to Presentation Mode (PDF)



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