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Please visit the BOLT Help Course for more information on Turnitin via the Dropbox Tool in BOLT.

Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention system provided through the web. It is accessed through the Dropbox Tool in BOLT at BU. Students' papers are checked by Turnitin's in-house copy of the Internet (including public Internet, ProQuest, Periodical Abstracts, Business Dateline, and ABI Inform) and millions of submitted papers to Turnitin.

Students submit papers in one of the following formats MS Word, WordPerfect, PDF, rtf, txt, HTML, and PostScript. The papers are immediately checked for plagiarism. A detailed report is available for the instructor to view. Any text found to be unoriginal is underlined, color-coded and linked to its original source. The report also includes the percentage of the paper that appears to be plagiarized and provides a tab with all matching sources in the paper.

Notice Regarding Turnitin:

Turnitin is only available in BOLT. Simply set up a Dropbox folder in BOLT and select the 'Plagiarism detection' checkbox. This will allow you to then select the options for Turnitin such as viewing originality reports, etc.

Technical Support

If you have technical difficulties, you may contact Turnitin at http://turnitin.com/help. Be specific in the description of the issue and include that you are using Turnitin with Desire2Learn 10.3.

For immediate technical assistance, contact:

Julie Wolfe
Instructional Support Specialist

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