Languages and Cultures

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The Italian Program

ITALIAN 101 Italian I (3) - Develops the four language skills and studies the Italian culture. Stresses basic grammar. Not offered every semester.

ITALIAN 102 Italian II (3) - Develops further the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing to a proficiency level regarded as basic communication in Italian. ITALIAN 102 is for students who have completed ITALIAN 101 or the equivalent. Students earn two General Education Points for Basic Communication in a Second Language and one General Education Point for Cultures and Diversity. Italian language study is taught in its cultural context, including history, culture, diversity, and comparison with students’ native culture. Practice in language laboratory and / or use of electronic language-learning media is required. Students must have passed ITALIAN 101 or the equivalent in order to enroll in ITALIAN 102. ITALIAN 102 is offered every semester. This course satisfies 2 GEPs for Goal 8: Basic Communication in a Second Language and 1 GEP for Goal 4: Culture and Diversity.

ITALIAN 203 Italian III (3) - Continuation of the development of the four language skills in Italian, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, together with the study of Italian culture. The third course in the sequence of Italian courses continues to develop communicative proficiency in the Italian language at the intermediate level, as well as develop the ability to understand and appreciate Italian-speaking cultures. Three hours lecture per week. Taught in Italian.