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German Club

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Russian Club

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Spanish Club

Calendar of Events Fall 2017:

  • 5 October: First general meeting @4:30 in Old Science 122
  • 12 October: Midterm study group section @4:30 in Old Science 122
  • 26 October: Celebration of the day of the death @4:30 in Old Science 122
  • 27 October: Spanish Club first fundraiser. Time and location TBA
  • 2 November: Venezuelan night@4:30 in Old Science 122
  • 16 November: Hispanic Holiday Celebration @4:30 in Old Science 122
  • 30 November: Study group for finals week

Non-Club and All-Club Events

News about Our Students

Troy Canon, a Russian major at Bloomsburg University, shares his experiences in Washington DC and how his Russian will serve him in his life and career:

"I am a senior here at Bloomsburg University and a Russian Language major. This past summer I was able to represent Bloomsburg University as an intern with congress and working with White House Staff and Speaker Paul Ryan in D.C. I am seeking to become a United States Secret Service agent to combat terrorism, fraud and work with other agencies to combat human trafficking, etc. The three things I am extremely passionate about. I try my best to make my dream come true and also to be a good student at a university that I love and which was my top choice to attend.

As I was seeking internships for summer 2016 I knew I wanted to be something big! Specifically, something in the government where I can get a look at what it will be like in my future career, which is to join the U.S. Secret Service. I sent in my information from an email on Congressman Robert Brady's website and at first I didn't think I would get it, but I was called for a phone interview and then a week later I was told I got the internship working on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. I was so excited!

During my internship I had attended many meetings and briefings with politicians and staff, such as senators, staff from the Pentagon, White House, FBI, NSA, CIA, Department of State etc. I also had to answer the phone and speak with constituents about different issues and answer questions that they had about a specific bill or legislation. I met with different dignitaries and private sector CEO's and learned how congress plays a big role. I had to write letters to constitutes on a plethora of topics that they wanted more information about such as, veteran benefits, gun laws and many more. I appreciated that I was given tasks and assignments that interested me (human trafficking, terrorism, and fraud--three things that I am very passionate about combatting). I was able to use my Russian language skills 4 times throughout my internship! I was able to meet and speak with my idol and role model Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Great guy! One reason I look up to him is because I lost my father at 12 years old and he lost his at the age of 16. Seeing how far he has come having the same problem I had growing up gave me hope I can reach my goals. Conducting my internship made me proud to be a BU student because everyone I worked with and met were all ivy league students from universities such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Penn, Princeton, George Washington, and Georgetown. That showed me that I am just as good as they are and can accomplish anything they can.

My main goal has been to become a USSS Special Agent and I had to do what I ever I needed to be a great candidate. Russian is one of the top critical languages for our government and it is an arduous language to learn. I figured if I study Russian I could be more marketable and be a better asset for my career. I love the Russian language!"

Arabic / Spanish Major Wins Critical Languages Scholarship

Cassandra Souza, a junior / senior majoring in Arabic and Spanish, is being awarded the Critical Languages Scholarship, 100% funding to study Arabic language during summer 2016.
The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is a fully funded summer overseas language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students.
The CLS Program is a program of the U.S. Department of State.

Cassandra is currently studying abroad at the BU program in Granada, Spain.

Spanish Major Wins Scholarship, Studies in Argentina

Read about Abigail's Scholarship

News From Alumni

Randi Dermo (German and Spanish BA, 2014) completed her Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied Linguistics at Georgetown University and is now employed as a Research Affiliate Assessment and Evaluation Language Resource Center (AELRC) in Washington, DC.
Sarah Halter, 2014 Chinese, editor at Nubian Impulse Magazine
"Nubian Impulse Magazine provides a platform for artists, journalists and creative entrepreneurs in the afro/nubian + indie diaspora to expand, express and evolve. We will explore and connect various cultures through art and entertainment, while incorporating the importance of wellness and well being!"

  Nabiha Garraoui, French and Spanish 2015, has just received news that she has passed the French Praxis exam, and she is also applying for admission to the BU Masters of technology program.

Marthe Beauvais, French 2015, has just been accepted to BU's Master of Education program and will be starting there this fall.

Liesl Driver, Spanish and Anthropology 2010, is an International Recruitment and Retention Specialist in the Office of International Programs at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Ashley Gianni-Bradford, 2015 German and Anthropology, is now employed as a Service Representative at Nanotec, a company that produces specialized precision motors. Nanotec is based in Feldkirchen, Germany. Ashley will be working at Nanotec's facility in Boston.

Kelly Walsh, 2012 Spanish, has accepted a full time permanent administrative assistant position at the Career Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

Holly Wardell, 2014 German and Communications Studies, is working as District Manager at Vector Marketing Corporation. Her office is in Williamsport, PA.

Lynsey Goble, 2015 German and Management, has been hired as a Logistics Specialist at Herr Foods, Inc., based in the Philadelphia area.

Allison Longstreet (BSEd French and Secondary Education 2013) currently works for a company called Middlebury Interactive Languages in Middlebury, VT. This company creates online world language courses for students in grades K-12.
Michael E. Arcangeletti (BA German 2010, MEd 2012) has accepted a position as Assistant Professor to teach English and will be starting on March 1st at Dongshin University in Naju City, South Korea.