0 “Improving Campus Climate”

Friday, November 5, 2010
7:30PM Early Registration
8:00PM Pizza Party, Movie/Game Night
(KUB 345A)
0 All attendees who plan to arrive Friday night are invited to a casual social event and early registration. Pizza and drinks will be provided. Bingo, Board Games, Movies, and other activities will be available.
8:00PM PASSHE LGBTQIA Consortium Meeting (KUB 340A/B & 343)
0 The Pennsylvania State System Consortium will hold an informal meeting during the Pizza/Movie event.
Saturday, November 5, 2010
8:30-9:30 - Registration, Refreshments, & Social Time
(MCHS New Wing Lobby)
0 All attendees are asked to check in at the lobby of McCormick Center for Human Services before enjoying refreshments and gathering in room 1303.
9:30-9:45 - Welcome &Introduction (MCHS 1303)
10:15-12:15 PASSHE LGBTQIA Consortium Meeting (KUB 340A/B & 343)
0 The Pennsylvania State System Consortium will hold an business meeting during the morning sessions.
10:00-11:00 - Session A
0 Sistas Are Doin' It: It Does 'Get Better', and This is How . . .
Andrew Stout (West Chester University)
John Shirley (Bloomsburg University)
Room 1303
This session will act as a discussion forum, with regards to the recently published suicides of gay youth (or those thought of as such), and the permanent silencing that a bullying society has caused. The generated discussion will succeed a brief presentation, with hopes of brainstorming ways in which GLBT youth can be reached to find value in their life.
0 ‘We can’t talk about THAT!’ – Queer Children’s Literature in the Elementary Classroom
Craig A. Young (Bloomsburg University)
Room 1316
Of all the characters to be found in the pages of literature for children, the most elusive is the character that identifies as Queer. While these characters and families headed by same-sex parents slowly find greater representation in children’s literature, books containing Queer themes and content are often fodder for “contentious battles in communities, causing a high degree of self-censorship among teachers, librarians, and school administrators about including [Queer]-themed books in their schools” (Casement, 2002, p. 206).
In this workshop, participants will take a look at several examples of Queer picture books and discuss their appropriateness for the elementary classroom. From Heather has two mommies to In our mothers’ house, we will discover how the stories and representations of the Queer community have changed. Moreover, we will discuss how these books might be used to improve the classroom climates in which society’s youngest members learn.

0 Creating Safe Spaces for the LGBTQI Campus Community
Catherine Massey (Slippery Rock University)
Room 2303
This workshop will provide participants with the information/resources needed to develop and implement a Safe Zone program on their campuses. The workshop will include the following content: campus needs assessment, gaining community buy-in, characteristics of the ideal Safe Zone member, and content and structure of a Safe Zone program.
0 Providing LGBTA Educational Panels in the University Classroom
Alana B. Atchinson (Bloomsburg University)
Anndei Deitrich (Bloomsburg University)
Room 2314
Facilitated by students from the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), panels are offered in classroom settings. These panels focus mainly on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered issues, and typically follow a question and answer format. Students participating in panels have undergone training regarding how to properly conduct themselves during these panels, how to treat sensitive questions, and how to approach this often controversial topic in an inoffensive and educationally productive manner. In this workshop, we will discuss the Bloomsburg University LGBTA Panel process including outreach to faculty and training for panel volunteers as well as record keeping and evaluation issues.
11:10-12:10 - Session B
0 Implications of Sexual Identity for College Student Development
Kip Sorgen (Penn State University)
Room 1303
This program is for anyone wanting to learn more about non-heterosexual identities in college students. It will highlight developmental models, as well as the pros and cons of using them in practice. It will also discuss original research of sexual identity in college students, particularly around issues of self-esteem, academic and intellectual development and social integration. The purpose of this presentation is to help attendees better understand sexual identity, developmental process, and their influence on higher education outcomes.
Anita Lee & Robert Need (PFLAG Monroe County)
Room 1316
PFLAG: What it is and how does it help? A history and explanation of PFLAG (Parents, Friends & Families of Lesbians & Gays)
A useful approach to coming out carefully, confidently and maybe comfortably. Coming out is never easy, so planning your course of action and testing your readiness level is important. Practical application during the breakout session. ....and DADT: A Veteran's point of view How did it come about? What does it mean? It's effects on GLBT servicemen and women and their families.

0 A Resource Primer on LGBT Concerns
Deryl Johnson (Kutztown University)
Matthew Simmons (East Stroudsburg University)
Allison Subasic (Penn State University)
Jason Godeke, Moderator (Bloomsburg University)
Room 2303

The CAS Standards and Guidelines for LGBT Programs and Services outline considerations for campuses to meet the needs of LGBTQ students. Professionals in Academic Advising, Admissions, Career Services, Financial Aid, Health & Counseling, Housing, Study Abroad, etc., often collaborate with LGBT Resource Centers to meet these standards. This session will feature dialogue with staff members at LGBT Centers on how your campus can assist students with LGBTQ-friendly resources, policies, and best practices.
0 Building Allies, Building Advocacy
Brian K. Sims (Bloomsburg University Alumnus)
Room 2314
In today's political climate, the fight of LGBT Civil Rights demands a wide-ranging approach that both recognizes and capitalizes on the unprecedented amount of support that the LGBT community receives from our allies. Understanding the role, the impact, and the process of getting allies involved in the fight for LGBT Civil Rights is a must for our success. Learn how to identify allies and how to best use the resources and network that allies bring to the movement.
12:30-1:45 - Lunch
0 Registration fee includes buffet lunch in The Scranton Commons, our main dining hall.

2:00-3:00 - Session C
0 Get Busy. Get Equal. Get Lobbying.
Andy Hoover (Legislative Director of ACLU)
Room 1303
Wins in court are great. But we know we’ve arrived when state legislatures pass new laws that assure equality for the LGBT community. What are the issues that legislators are wrestling with? And how do we convince them we’re right? Learn more about the lobbying process and what LGBT issues are hot in state capitols.
0 The ALLIANCE @ Bucknell: Creating Safe Spaces in Athletics and Greek Life Peer Education Program
Kristin Vallis (Bucknell University)
Room 1316
Mission Inclusion = How to Take Safe Space “OUT” to the Campus
Wondering how to be more effective reaching the student population so they can become more respectful of diversity and inclusion? Wondering how to create Safe Spaces within Greek Life and varsity Athletics? Want a simple and direct way to offer a Safe Space program for student groups? For the past 6 years, the “ALLIANCE @ Bucknell: Creating Safe Space Peer Education” program has been successful establishing dialogue among its student body and every year its impact is growing. Learn from our peer educators how to successfully take Safe Space “OUT” to the campus community and create change at your institution! Our evaluation process shows what speaks to student groups thought to be “unreachable” and how to build more inclusive student organizations, teams, and residence halls who value diversity and difference. Make renewing the commitment to be a “Safe Space” an important part of any group as it organizes each year. Go “OUT” with Safe Space! It can happen on your campus!
0 GSA Leadership
Benjamin Deivert (Bloomsburg University)
Kirk M. Allen (Walden University)
Room 2303
This seminar will explore pertinent leadership skills, share ideas and exchange experiences between LGBT leaders and their respective student organizations. Expected outcomes include better informed leaders and how to be both efficient and effective; understand and apply valuable information regarding establishing an LGBT student organization prolonging beyond current leadership, advertising the organization, recruiting and retaining members, distinguishing each officer from another, implementing missions and visions, and exacting commitment to the organization’s purpose.
3:15-4:15 - Session D
0 Religion Round Table
Rev Maggie Gillespie
Rev Steve Engelhardt
Rev Karl Polm-Faudre
Rev Marjorie Menaul
Rabbi Nina Mandel
Rabbi Michael Michlin
Christina Francis
, Moderator (Bloomsburg University)
Room 1303
The panel will discuss a wide range of issues related to spirituality and religious expression, particularly as they affect LGBT communities.
0 Gender Diversity
Kip Sorgen (Penn State University)
Room 2303

Typically, American society conceptualizes gender as two binary categories, men and women. This presentation expands notions of gender to further affirm that it is more complex than conventionally discussed. We will discuss basic concepts, terms and definitions, qualitative and quantitative research studies, transitioning, and issues facing the trans community. This program is appropriate for all levels of familiarity with gender diversity.
0 A Guide to Building LGBTQA Resources on Campus: The LGBTQArchitect
Allison Subasic (Penn State University)
Room 2314
Is your campus community working to create a resource center or initiate new programs? Are you struggling with where to start? In this session, one of the creators of the LGBTQArchitect web based program will share a collection of tools and resources to help you achieve your goals. Materials include sample funding proposals, position descriptions, outreach strategies, programming resources for small and large events, introductions to climate assessment, and many other useful tools for starting and/or furthering the work of campus-based resource programs. These resources, compiled from campus resource programs across the country, are free as part of a grant-funded project sponsored by the Calamus Foundation, the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals, and the LGBTA Student Resource Center at Penn State University and are now available on-line. The Presenter will provide an overview of the LGBTArchitect and show participants how to use the on-line tool.
4:15-5:00 - Networking
0 Conference attendees are invited to mingle in the McCormick Center Lobby
5:00-7:00 - Free Time
0 Free time is provided to allow attendees to return to their hotel to "freshen up" before the evening events.

7:00 - Dinner (KUB Ballroom)
0 Registration fee includes a buffet style catered dinner. Should you wish to opt out of the catered dinner, you are welcome to return for the keynote and open mic event.
0 Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast Buffet
Wedding Soup
Pasta with Chunky Marinara Sauce
Herb Roasted Red Potatoes
Seasonal Vegetable Medley
Rolls / Butter
Coffee / Iced Lemon Water

8:00-9:00 - Keynote (KUB Ballroom)
0 The State of Higher Education for LGBTQQ People

Dr. Sue Rankin is Senior Diversity Planning Analyst at The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Rankin's current research focuses on the assessment of institutional climate and providing program planners and policy makers with recommended strategies to improve the campus climate for underrepresented groups. Dr. Rankin also was a founding member and coordinator of the Statewide Pennsylvania Rights Coalition.

9:00-11:30 - Open Mic & Art Exhibit (KUB Ballroom)
0 Conference attendees are invited to bring art for display as well as any materials for performance art including but not limited to music, dance, poetry, drag, comedy, etc. Please, no drum kits or guitar amps.
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