How to become a Safe Zone member:

The Safe Zones Project is based on a two part course to familiarize members with the LGBTA community as a whole and specifically here at Bloomsburg University. Upon completion of the second segment of the course, the 'student' will be given the opportunity to have their name listed on the public website and/or post an insignia in their office.

To enroll in a training session, please complete part one of the training and register for an upcoming part two session.

Course Outline, Part 1: Queer 101

Part One of the course will be self directed online learning. All participants should review this information before attending a Part Two seminar. A brief review will be available at the beginning of Part Two for any specific topics that may need clarification.

  • Purpose of the Safe Zones Program
  • Who are we
    • Allies
    • Safe Zone Members
    • Commission Members
    • Public Figures (Contemporary and Historical)
  • Defining a Common Language
    • Glossary of terms
    • Symbols of Pride
  • What is homophobia?
  • Cost of Heterosexism
  • Forms of Oppression and Discrimination
  • Hetero-privilege
  • Additional Resources

Click here to begin.

Course Outline, Part 2: Safe Zone Membership Training - Knowledge & Action

Part Two of the course will be a two hour open discussion with at least two coordinators and 5 prospective members. This session will focus on more complex aspects of the LGBTA community and actions you can take to make Bloomsburg University a safe and welcoming place for all. Click the part one link above to complete the part one training and register for an upcoming part two session.

  • Brief Queer 101 review
  • Gender and Sexuality Continuum
  • Video Discussions
  • Vignette Discussions
  • Student Panel Discussion
  • Coming Out
  • What we can do to help
    • Qualities of an ally
    • Beyond tolerance
    • Obstacles to overcome
    • Interrupting heterosexism
    • Combating heterosexism
  • Guidelines for members
  • Mental health issues
  • Additional Resources
  • Questions, Answers, and Discussion

Safe Zone tags will be distributed at the conclusion of this session.

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