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Undergraduate: Nursing B.S.N
nurse with patientRecognized as one of the leading four-year undergraduate nursing programs statewide, Bloomsburg prepares students for a wide range of careers in home care, occupational health, rehabilitation, trauma, clinical specialties, informatics and case management and additionally offers the increasingly valuable path toward a master of science in nursing through its related graduate study program.

As the realm of modern health care becomes increasingly complex, this rigorous and demanding program requires potential students to have exceptional leadership and time management skills, self assurance and independent critical thinking. Other factors suggesting potential for success at Bloomsburg include a strong background in sciences and algebra as well as very high reading comprehension skills and a strong work ethic. Students enjoy high success on NCLEX examinations, a strong placement rate and continuation of graduate studies after initial work experiences, much of which is outside of traditional hospital settings.

Bloomsburg also offers and MSN program with a wide range of options for nursing professionals.

Program Goals

The goals of the BSN program are to assist students to:

* attain the competencies required of the generalist practitioner, including application of relevant knowledge, skills, values and other professional behaviors designed to help the person attain an optimal level of functioning.
* collaborate with others to promote health in a diverse and multicultural society.
* value and engage in activities designed to enhance personal growth and promote professional role development.

Detailed Information