Richard J. Brook

Emeritus Professor
Department of Philosophy
Bloomsburg University
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815



Ph.D. New School for Social Research, 1971
M.A. Columbia University, 1968
B.A. Antioch College, 1958

Areas of Specialization: theoretical ethics, early modern philosophy, philosophy of science



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Recent Presentations

"Berkeley, the Space of our Lives and the Space of Physics," University of Cassino, Italy, September, 2007.

"Does Berkeley Need a Subconscious?" International Berkeley Conference, University of Helsinki, Finland, August, 2007.

"Berkeley, Selective Attention, and Geometrical Proof," International Berkeley Conference, University of Tartu, Estonia, September 2005.


First prize in the MWPA (Mulberry Writers and Poets Association) contest, 2007

Third prize and honorable mention in the MWPA (Mulberry Writers and Poets Association) contest, 2006