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Nazafarin Fallahian joined the department in Fall 2008. She earned a B.S. in Solid State Physics from University of Tehran, an M.S. in Physics from Alzahra University, Iran, and a Ph. D. in Health Physics from Idaho State University. Naz is an associate member of the Health Physics Society, she has been involved in teaching, research, management and administrative activities as well as radiation protection standards and regulations.  Her interests include health physics, medical physics, optics and solid state physics. Naz teaches Physics and Health Physics Courses in Bloomsburg University.

Nathaniel Greene earned a BS in physics from Antioch College and an MA and PhD in physics from Boston University. His recent grant projects involve alternative energy heating systems.  Other interests include cosmic-ray physics, physics of everyday phenomena, physics education, and electrostatics. Ned teaches General Physics II, Mechanics, Science of Sound, and Contemporary Physics courses.
John Huckans joined the department in fall 2009. He earned a BA in Physics and Mathematics from Cornell University, an MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, and a PhD in Physics from the University of Maryland. His research interests include Bose-Einstein condensation, optical properties of specialized coatings for photovoltaic cells to increase energy conversion efficiencies. He is looking for students interested in helping to build an ultra-cold atomic physics laboratory here at Bloomsburg.

Ghassan Ibrahim earned a BS in Electronics from University of London, and a PhD in Engineering from N.C. State University at Raleigh. Ghassan joined the department in 2004. His interests include communication systems, RF communication, and digital signal processing. Ghassan teaches circuit analysis, manufacturing processes, communication systems, RF effects & measurements, and digital signal processing. He is the advisor for the Engineering Technology Club. (ETC).
Nada Jevtic earned a BS in applied physics from Beograd University, a MA from Yale University in Applied Physics and Engineering and a PhD in physics from the University of Connecticut. Her interests include fusion related first-wall phenomena, low-level low-background counting, nonlinear dynamics and variable-star astrophysical data analysis. Nada teaches the Science of Sound, Introduction to Physical Science, and Physics Labs.
Karen Neese: Department Secretary. Karen earned a BA from Millersville University. She grew up in the Bloomsburg area and began working for the Physics & ET department in March 2007. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM – 12 noon and 1PM – 4:30PM.
Biswajit Ray received his B.E. from University of Calcutta, India, M.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, and Ph.D. from University of Toledo, Ohio, all in Electrical Engineering. He joined BU in 2000 and is currently a professor of Electronics Engineering Technology (EET). Ray is the program coordinator for EET. He teaches in the areas of electronics, power, and control, and is active in research and industrial consulting in the field of power electronics. 
David Simpson is the coordinator of the Health Physics program. He received his BS from Northwestern University, a MS and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois. His interests include medical application of nuclear physics and nuclear safety. Dave teaches Radiation Physics, Energy: Sources & Environmental Effects, Applied Physics for HP, and Radiation Biology. He is the advisor for the Society of Physics Students. (SPS)
Peter Stine, Chairperson: Peter Stine earned his BA degree from Wesleyan University and a PhD in astronomy from Penn State. His research interests include radio astronomy, observations of young stars, and starburst galaxies. He teaches courses in astronomy, electronics, and physical science.
Ju Xin received his Ph.D. in Physics from Stockholm University, Stockholm Sweden. He eared his BS degree in Physics from Shanxi University of China, MS in Computer Science from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI. Ju Xin's research areas include Laser spectroscopy, molecular dynamics, and chemical physics. He teaches Optics, Electricity & Magnetism, Thermodynamics, Physical science, and Energy. He enjoys camping, hiking, music & movies, and everything that brings a laugh or two.
sds Roy Hoffer earned a BS in Physics from Millersville University, and an MS, Electrical Engineering, from the University of Pennsylvania where he researched increasing efficiency of solar cells. In industry he designed new patented energy saving consumer products. Roy consults as a Licensed Professional Electrical and Forensic Engineer and a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator. He mentors math, engineering, and science students through MentorNet. Roy teaches Electronics Engineering Technology at Bloomsburg.
Margaret Wismer joined the department in Fall 2010, her area of expertise is in electrical engineering, she teaches electronics courses.
Saeed Ahmad earned a BS from Punjab University, an MS from Quaid-e-Azam University and a PhD from University of Virginia. His research interests include Particle Physics Phenomenology, Computational Physics and Momentum and Space structure of nucleons. He teaches Principles of Physical Science and Electricity & Magnetism courses. He joined the department in Fall 2010. 
Faculty Emeritus
Jack Couch
Jack Couch earned a B.S. from Utah State University, an M.S. in Health Physics from Vanderbilt University and Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear Physics from Texas A&M. His interests include applied nuclear physics and health physics. Jack started the health physics program at Bloomsburg University in 1989 and retired in June of 2007 after serving the department for 18 years..
Gunther Lange was the 3+2 Engineering Program Coordinator. He earned his BS in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering and a PhD in Astronomy from Ohio State University. His interests include spectro-photometry and chemical abundances of stars, and stellar evolution. Gunther taught astronomy, physical science, engineering mechanics, modern atomic physics and quantum mechanics. After serving the Department for 23 years, Gunther retired in May 2009.
James Moser was the former chair of the department. He served the department for 27 years and retired in Spring 2008. Jim earned his BS, MS, and PhD in Physics from the Pennsylvania State University. His research interests include medical applications of physics, especially electronics. Jim has written a graduate-level text, Electronics and Instrumentation for Audiologists.
Students Workers
  Felipe Alarcon Canto– Student Lab Assistant


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