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Collaborative Research and Scholarship

Ju Xin, associate professor of physics, Andrew Gerhart, and David Moyer, sophomores in BU’s engineering science 3+2 program, recently won a competition to participate in the Faculty and Student Team (FaST) program. The team will conduct a 10-week summer research project at Brookhaven National Lab, Long Island, N.Y. The program is jointly sponsored by Department of Energy and National Science Foundation.


Students Design Spaghetti Bridge

BLOOMSBURG — Students in introduction to engineering technology recently competed against each other in designing a bridge from cylindrical spaghetti and epoxy/glue. Bridges were judged on a performance index. Jordan Politza and Tyler Pongrazzi teamed to create the winning bridge.

Specifications for the bridges were: span of 50cm, road surface width of 4cm (minimum), vertical depth of 25cm (maximum), and a mass of 300g(maximum). The performance index was defined as the ratio of maximum load the bridge can support to its mass. Politza and Pongrazzi's 287g bridge carried a load of 48kg, resulting in a performance index of 167 (a performance index in excess of 100 is considered a solid design). If you think you can beat the record set by winning bridge, contact Biswajit Ray by e-mail for the supplies and more information.


BU team among finalists in competition

Eric Otruba, of Reading, and Tyler Latsha, of Northumberland, recently won a national undergraduate research poster competition following a 10-week summer research program at Brookhaven National Lab with Ju Xin, a BU associate professor of physics. As finalists, they advance to the Oak Ridge National Lab, Tenn., to compete with a dozen peers in the final


BU receives $500,000 grant to replace coal stoker

BLOOMSBURG — As part of a plan to replace a 58-year-old coal stoker, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is receiving a $500,000 Energy Harvest grant from the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Currently five coal stokers burn 7,000 tons of coal per year to heat 1.5 million square feet of residence halls and academic buildings. (more)

Nathaniel "Ned" Greene, professor of physics and engineering technology, wrote and applied for the DEP grant. "Switching to a non-fossil fuel will reduce the university's emissions, particularly non-renewable carbon dioxide, whose worldwide atmospheric concentration has been increasing steadily since the Industrial Revolution," he said.
Burning wood chips also provides an economic advantage. Not only is wood a renewable resource, Greene said, but it is less expensive than coal and natural gas and can be purchased from local suppliers. "For the surrounding area, our year-round use of biomass fuel will benefit wood chip providers who have been hit hard by the economic downturn," he said.
Greene worked closely with Eric Milner, assistant vice president of facilities management, and met with heating plant workers while designing his plan. Greene also drew on the experiences of a local business that made a successful switch from oil to wood.

Ju Xin, associate professor of physics, Tyler Latsha, sophomore engineering science major of Northumberland, and Eric Otruba, sophomore physics and health physics double major from Reading, have just completed a 10-week summer research program at Brookhaven National lab (BNL), Long Island, NY. The program was jointly sponsored by Department of Energy and NSF and called faculty and student team (FaST).

During the ten weeks time, They studied the spectroscopy of a combustion intermediary called methylene (CH2) radical and recorded the methylene b-a origin band near 1.2 um using a laser absorption spectrometer and wrote a LabView program to aid the analysis. Their results were presented in the BNL research poster session, and their team was selected to give an oral presentation at the department senimar due to hard work and high quality of their research effort. Their report will also be published in DOE undergraduate research journal and the the final results will be published in a peer reviewed journal. This is the second year that Ju Xin has won this FaST competition.
At Bennigan's, Gunther Lange, Happily Retired !

Happily retired!!!


Thomas A. Malkemes was inducted to Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honors Society, Wednesday, April 22, 2009.

Jason Elsinger and Erin Schloyer are 2009 Outstanding Achievement students of Physics, Erin Schloyer also won the NRC scholar award. This is taken at the College of Science & Technology Spring Honors Symposium.

Ghassan Ibrahim (front right), faculty of Engineering Technology, along with colleagues form other departments, got this year's honored faculty award at the College of Science & Technology Spring Honors Symposium.

On Thursday, April 23, the Department of Physics & Engineering Technology will have a picnic in honor of Dr. Gunther Lange who, after serving the Department for more than 20 years, will retire at the end of this semester.

The even will be held on the patio between the two wings and will start at around 11:30.

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The department of physics and engineering technology recently inducted students into the physics honor society Sigma Pi Sigma. New members are, from left: Jacqueline Leslie, Tina Piquet, and Kyle Vandermay.New member Erin Schloyer was unavailable for a photo. More...

Academic exchange day, Fall 2008. An Academic Exchange Day was organized by the Dept. of Physics & Engineering Technology on Oct. 10. Fourteen physics and electronics teachers from Pennsylvania high schools participated in a day long professional development and experimental More...

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BU receives NRC nuclear education grant, more... EET Program Receives Support from L³ Communications More...




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