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Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Art in Physics


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From the tiniest subatomic particles to the entire universe, the field of physics attempts to explain the basic laws of nature by examining the interactions of matter and energy. Our current undergraduate curriculum includes course opportunities in different fields of physics such as mechanics, electricity and magnetism, modern atomics physics, electronics, nuclear physics, optics, thurmodynamics and statistical physics, and quantum mecahnics. The department also offers elective courses in astronomy & astrophysics. After graduation, some physics majors pursue graduate degrees in fields such as physics, health physics, astronomy, engineering, or other related fields, while other graduates use their skills to attain careers government agencies or in industry.


Optics Experiment: Fourier Optics

The department offers both BA and BS degree programs in physics. Both degrees programs provide a solid foundation for those wishing to pursue physics related careers.

The BA requires fewer credits that enables students to pursue as a second major. The BA degree is used by students in our engineering science 3+2 program and in our secondary education: physics program. We feature a hands-on learning environment where work is done in our new laboratories in the newly built wing of the Hartline Science Center. In addition to our general physics labs, we have labs in optics, electronics, and nuclear radiation. Seniors are encouraged to actively involve in research through an independent study project of their choice using a faculty mentor.


Home-built He-Ne laser

BA Physics Program Requirements


BS Physics Program Requirements


Demostration of the effect of static electric charge using a Van der Graaf Generator A beginning physics student studies the dynamics of an Atwood machine
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