Program Objectives for the Bloomsburg University Health Physics program



Graduates from the Bloomsburg University Health Physics Program are expected to meet the following objectives:


  1. Demonstrate competency in problem-solving skills for typical problems encountered by Health Physics professionals;
    • This objective will be measured by homework assignments, midterm exams and final exams administered during courses specific to the Health Physics program.


  1. Have an understanding of and experience with applied applications in the field of Health Physics;
    • This objective will be measured by feedback obtained from supervisors of students on internship as well as by assessment of student performance in classes that emphasize practical applications.


  1. Be able to effectively communicate technical information in written and oral form;

·        This objective will be assessed by observing students during oral presentation and grading of written assignments.  Another measure of this objective will be the success of students in publishing and/or presenting their works at professional society meetings such as the Health Physics Society annual meeting.


  1. Complete a strong liberal arts program that will promote intellectual growth and social responsibility throughout the graduate’s life;

·        This objective will be judged by the student’s successful completion of the required academic program outside of the Health Physics requirements.  These academic requirements have been developed by the University as part of its mission to assure excellence in higher education to all graduates.


  1. Be prepared to pursue a career in their chosen field upon graduation or be competent to continue on to graduate work in Health Physics or a related field.

·        This objective will be assessed through interviews with graduates and ongoing relationships with local employers to ensure that the Health Physics graduates have the skills, education, and training needed to fulfill the needs of the professional workplace.






Health Physics program objectives have historically been included within the objectives of the Physics and Engineering Technology Department and reviewed during the five-year department self-study.  With the development of  program specific objectives, and the formation of a Health Physics Technical Advisory Group, the objectives will be reviewed by the Technical Advisory Group on a periodic basis approximately once per year.  For this meeting, the Health Physics Program head will prepare a report on the status of the program, changes implemented since the last meeting, recommendations regarding improvements to the program received from students, graduates and others, and the status on recommendation implementation.  The Advisory Group will be asked to review this report as well as provide its own input into the needs of the program.


The Advisory Group has been selected from among regional health physicists who frequently meet at local conferences and other technical settings; therefore, additional opportunities are expected to occur throughout the year to discuss the BU Health Physics Program