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Dr. Nathaniel R. Greene

Cosmic Ray

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Curriculum Vitae

Birth date:   April 26, 1964
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

Ph.D. in Physics, Boston University, January 1997
M.A. in Physics, Boston University, September 1992
M.A. Candidate in Philosophy, Tufts University, 1986-87
B.S. in Physics, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, June 1986

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Physics, Bloomsburg University: Courses taught include General Physics, Science of Sound, Electronics, Physical Science, Statics, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics. 1996 – Present  (Tenured and promoted to Associate Professor, August 2001; promoted to Professor, August 2009.)

Learning Specialist, Boston University Disabilities Services:  Tutored learning-disabled college students in math and physics. 1994-96

Recitation Instructor, Boston University:  Taught discussion sections and graded homework for five semesters. Courses included both calculus- and algebra-based Introductory Physics and vibrations and Waves. 1990-93

Physics Teacher, U.S. Peace Corps, Cameroon, West Africa: Instructed physics at the O- and A-levels in a British-style government high school. Designed demonstrations and laboratory exercises. Initiated an annual science fair and graded the national physics exam (G.C.E.). 1987-89

Teacher Trainer, U.S. Peace Corps, Cameroon, West Africa: Facilitated the training of incoming Peace Corps math/science teachers in a model-school setting.  Summer 1988

Teaching Assistant, Tufts University: Graded essays for Introductory Philosophy. Spring 1987

Research Assistant in experimental cosmic ray physics, Boston University. Tasks included data analysis (PAW), computer programming (FORTRAN, C, parallel computing), CAMAC data acquisition, image analysis, mechanical design (AUTOCAD), precision machining (Bridgeport mill), and grant writing. 1992-96
Research Assistant in experimental solid state physics, Boston University. Experience with ultra-high vacuum systems and machining. Spring-Summer 1992
Research Intern, Xerox Corporation, Rochester, NY. Exploratory research on high-voltage ion sources. Invented "Planar Scorotron Device". Spring 1985, Spring 1986
Technician, I.B.M. Corporation, Yorktown Heights, NY. Computer-aided mechanical design and electronics assembly. Winter 1984
Automotive Mechanic, A.B.J. Foreign Auto, Somerville, MA.  1981-91 (part-time)

N. R. Greene & Brian J. Filko, “Animal-Eyeball vs. Road-Sign Retroreflectors,” Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics, v.30, pp. 76-84 (January 2010)
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S. P. Ahlen, N. R. Greene, D. Loomba, et al., “Measurement of the Isotopic Composition of Cosmic-Ray Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, and Boron up to 1700 MeV per Atomic Mass Unit,” Astrophysical Journal, v. 534, 757 (2000).

N. R. Greene & R. J. Dunn, “A Conical Spring – Which End Up?,” The Physics Teacher, v. 38, 228 (2000).

N. R. Greene, “Tossing a Garden Hose.”  The Physics Teacher, v. 37, 46 (1999) plus follow-up letter to the editor in The Physics Teacher, v. 37, 195 (1999).

N. R. Greene & W. J. Leonard, “Theory Can Be Misleading: Balls on Tracks Revisited (Again).”  Published as a technical report by the University of Massachusetts Physics Education Research Group, PERG-1998#01-Jan#1-v.2-4pp and listed in ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) database.

N. R. Greene, “A Low-Friction Rotator from the Junkyard,” The Physics Teacher, v. 35, 431 (1997).

D. Loomba, S. P. Ahlen, N. Greene, et al.,   “The Cosmic Ray Isotopic Composition of Li, Be, and B from the SMILI2 Experiment,” Bulletin of the American Physical Society,
v. 41, n. 2, 989 (1996).

J. P. Wefel, et al., “Measurements of Cosmic Ray Helium During the 1991 Solar Maximum,” Proceedings of 24th International Cosmic Ray Conference, v. 2, 630 (1995).

J. P. Wefel, et al., “The Atmospheric Background of Protons and Deuterons Measured at
5 g/cm3,” Proceedings of 24th International Cosmic Ray Conference, v. 2, 634 (1995).

“Biofuel Partnership with Bloomsburg Recycling Center,” Bloomsburg University Foundation, $9,282.  February 2010.

“Bloomsburg University Wood-Chip Boiler Replacement of Coal Stoker,” Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, $500,000.  August 2009.

 “BU Biofuels Initiative,” five internal Bloomsburg University awards totaling $16,190. 

Patent # 5,153,435:  "Planar Scorotron Device" (ion source for photocopiers).  1992

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