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What does the Off-Campus Housing Office at Bloomsburg University do for YOU?

There are several things our office does to provide you with up-to-date information, including:

  1. The Off-Campus Housing Office @ BU maintains & updates a listing of apartments owned and operated by local landlords.*
  2. The Office keeps a record of any vacancies in which a student is looking for someone to take over his/her current lease.
  3. We collect complaints from students regarding landlords and their prospective properties.

How can you contact the Off-Campus Housing Office?

We are located in the bottom floor of Elwell Hall, on lower campus.

Off-Campus Housing Office
Elwell Hall, G27 (bottom floor)
Telephone (570) 389.4734
Fax (570) 389.3051
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Where can we get a copy of the listings?

The listings are available online by clicking the "Apartment Listings" tab, or you can have a hard copy sent to you by contacting our office.

How does a landlord add his/her property to the campus listing?

A registration form must be filled out and handed in or faxed to our office. Once we receive the completed form, we add the information to our database and the students are able to view the contact information as well as the apartment listing(s).

Will my financial aid be affected if I move off-campus?

Generally, the amount you received as a campus student will remain the same if you decide to move off campus. However, if you decide to move back home and live with a parent or legal guardian, than the amount of your PA Grant will be reduced..For any other financial aid related questions, you should contact the Financial Aid Office at 389-4297 or visit their website which can be found at: Or you can find it from any page on our website by going to our Links page.