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Columbia County Housing Authority
Main Office/Section 8 Office

700 Sawmill Road, Suite 101
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Phone: (570) 784-9373
Main Office Fax: (570) 387-8806
Section 8 Fax: (570) 784-1479
TDD: (570) 389-5745

  • Hours of Operation:
  • Monday - Friday
  • 8:00am - 4:30pm

The Columbia County Housing Authority is an agency that helps "extremely low income" and "very low income" families with a rent assistance program. The Housing Authority is currently helping approximately 408 families, in privately owned rental units throughout Columbia County. The Authority also assists 50 elderly/disabled households in Evan Owen Memorial Apartments located in Berwick; and 20 three and four bedroom families in Town Park Village townhouses in Bloomsburg. There is currently a waiting list for both programs, (for the Housing Authority's buildings, and for assistance in rentals owned privately). The current wait for Section 8 rental assistance is approximately one year long, or perhaps even longer. Prospective tenants, interested in privately owned rental units (Section 8 assistance), must apply at the main office, 700 Sawmill Road, Suite 101, Bloomsburg, Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30 pm. (Persons requiring special accommodations in order to apply for the waiting list because of disability may call the Housing Authority and request that the application be mailed to them, or may request additional assistance, if necessary.) Persons interested in Evan Owen Memorial Apartments or Town Park Village may call (570) 759-0315, for information on applying for these units, owned by the Housing Authority.

Anyone meeting the income guidelines may apply, however; all families, elderly, and disabled will be assisted before any single non-elderly, non-disabled persons. The income limits are listed below.

Families assisted with rent through the Authority will pay rent based on their household income. A family's costs for monthly rent and utilities will be based on 30-40% of their gross monthly income. Therefore, the Authority will proved minimal assistance for one family, while paying the entire rent for another family; depending on household income. If the family's income is low enough, the authority may also send program participants monthly checks to be used towards utility bills. In this way, each family on rent assistance is assured that they will only be paying amounts that are affordable to them. If are tenant's current landlord is willing to work with the rent assistance program and the property passes our inspection; a tenant may not have to move in order to receive rent assistance. There is no obligation to take rent assistance, if a tenant applies for our waiting list. All who are living on a fixed ("extremely low" or "very low") income are encouraged to apply. Anyone with questions may call (570) 784-9373.

The Columbia County Housing Authority's Section 8 office not only assists tenants with buildings owned by private landlords. Families may also receive rent assistance in several apartment buildings and townhouses in Columbia County. If a tenant is interested in living in any of the apartments or townhouses listed below, he/she should do two things. First, contact the manager(s) of the buildings/developments where you are interested in living in order to apply for their waiting list. Second, apply for the Section 8 waiting list at the Columbia County Housing Authority. Since there is more than one waiting list, it is likely that your name might not be up on the rent assistance waiting list at exactly the same time it reaches the top of a waiting list for a building where you would like to live is available, we recommend that you call our office and arrange to have your name held at the top of our waiting list until your apartment is available to you. On the other hand, if your name reaches the top of the waiting list for an apartment where you would like to live before your name reaches the top of the rent assistance waiting list, you can do one of two things. You can either move into the apartment and pay the rent on your own, until your name reaches the top of the rent assistance waiting list, knowing that when your name reaches the top of the rent assistance waiting list, your rent burden mist be substantially reduced, depending on your income; or, you can ask the manager of the apartment complex to hold your name at the top of the building's waiting list, and give you the next apartment available after your name reaches the top of the rent assistance waiting list. Before making this decision, we recommend that you call the Housing Authority to see how much longer your wait will be on the rent assistance waiting list. Listed below are the names of some of the developments where tenants are being assisted with rents through the Columbia County Housing Authority.


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