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About Dr. Armstrong
Dr. Armstrong originally came to BU in 1974 to be close to his brother, David, a well known landscape painter, who lived on a farm in Unityville.

He originally taught Marriage and Family, Social Problems, Introductory, and a course in Social Stratification.

He majored in Sociology and European History at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, where he played lacrosse, sang in the glee club, wrote for the college literary magazine, and was sports editor of the college newspaper. He graduated cum laude with Honors in Sociology.

While working on his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania, he took time off to work in a couple state hospitals for two summers, with delinquent boys at the Youth Reception and Correction Center in Yardville, New Jersey, and as a probation officer with alcoholics and problem drinkers in the Philadelphia probation department. His two key professors at Penn were E. Digby Baltzell, who did most of the early work on the American upper class, and Philip Rieff, the well known theorist and interpreter of Freud.
In his early years here, he delivered papers and published on his research on the New England boarding schools.  He was one of the initial instigators and founders of the University Honors program in the early 1980s and also established the Alpha Kappa Delta honorary chapter in the Sociology department.
In recent years, he has taught mainly Principles, Stratification, Racial and Ethnic Minorities, and Deviant Behavior.
Over his tenure here, he has also lead 5 summer courses to Salzburg, Austria, which have provided many memorial moments.
He has also consulted in recent years for the Williams Inference Service, a company that looks for early signs of change and social trends.