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About Dr. Feldhaus: TEACHING - RESEARCH (back to contact page)

TEACHING: Dr. Feldhaus' teaching is particularly concerned with helping students to both grasp sociological concepts and to understand how these concepts are useful to them in their lives.  Toward this end she encourages students to actively apply materials and to work to link course materials directly to their future goals.

If you are considering taking one of her courses please feel free to stop by her office to talk about your goals and what to expect from the course.

Dr. Feldhaus is interested in why people make the choices they do regarding achievement.  This includes how they choose their goals and how they choose to pursue them.  Toward the end of her dissertation research focused on high school students and how they plan for the future.  She hopes to begin research looking at college students and their career planning soon. 

    She has a general interest in how people think about their lives.  This leads her to focus on potent socializing forces such as the family, the educational system, and religion as well as important transitional life stages such as adolescence.  She is also interested in how gender, race/ethnicity, and class impact these issues.

    Research Overview: