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TEACHING: I teach Sociological Theory, Principles of Sociology (introductory course), Race and Ethnic Minorities, Qualitative Methods, and Environmental Sociology. 

RESEARCH: As a scholar, I think of myself as an environmental sociologist, but within environmental sociology, I focus on cultural issues and have done a number of projects on the meaning of nature in popular culture over time.  A recent paper looks at the depiction of nature in award-winning children's books.  Other work looked at science fiction films and popular magazines.  Another recently published paper also at the intersection of culture and the envioronment looks at relationship between "place attachment" and environmental concern and feelings about development.  A project that's been on the backburner for a while examines the relationship between basic values with regard to nature and the environment and the characteristics of the households in which young people grow up.  I've gained a strong interest in the value of applied sociology as well and have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Heather Feldhaus in the newly formed Center for Community Research and Consulting here at BU. Through the center, and in collaboration with Geisinger Health System, I'm currently doing work on the social impacts of the boom in natural gas extraction in Pennsylvania. Also through the center, I've recently helped with an evaluation of the local drug court and a still-underway parking study for the Town of Bloomsburg.

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