Co-Curricular Transcripts

A Co-Curricular Transcript is a supplement to your Academic Transcript. It is a document to show potential employers and graduate schools your "out-of-classroom" activities. After enrolling you will be given an activity reporting form to log your activities. Return the completed logs to the SOLVE Office.

Below are the 6 categories with some examples of organizations:
  • Community Involvement-- Greek organizations, athletic teams, CGA, etc.
  • Leadership -- Special positions or titles which could indicate leadership abilities
  • Diversity Training -- Participation in Global Awareness Society, Migrant Community Project, Model UN, the Women's Center, etc
  • Professional Development -- Honors, awards, conferences & seminars attended
  • Work Experience -- Internships or work study positions held
  • Research -- Research projects which extended beyond class assignments
Come to SOLVE to enroll or print out the Enrollment Form now. To add activities to an existing transcript print out the Activity Report Form or pick one up at SOLVE. To receive a copy of your transcript at any time, stop by the SOLVE Office. When you are ready for the official transcript, give us a week to process and we will send you the official Co-Curricular Transcript. A copy will be kept in SOLVE's files.
For more information contact:
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