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After Another Earthquake

Locally the focus on helping earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan remains on fundraising, according to officials from Bloomsburg's American Red Cross offices.

The SOLVE Office will continue to gather information about how best to respond locally for campus groups who may be moved to undertake efforts to help. The staff and student workers of SOLVE can help coordinate BU groups that are interested in working to aid the victims of the disaster.

Helping Japan

Japan’s cataclysmic encounter with earthquakes and a tsunami have left thousands of its people dead and hundreds of thousands of them homeless.  An unfolding nuclear accident has complicated a grave situation.

The estimated number of people who are currently living in shelters is nearly 400,000.  In the coming months and years, billions of dollars will be needed to help the Japanese rebuild their homes and lives.

On campus at Bloomsburg University the SOLVE Office and a group of international students is working with the local American Red Cross offices in Bloomsburg to provide opportunities to donate.  Collection cans for cash are being distributed and their locations will be noted in e-mail communication with the campus.

Also, Bloomsburg’s Red Cross Director Rita Inklovich says that personal checks will be accepted.  They can be written to “American Red Cross” with the note “Japan” on the line at the bottom left for comments.  Or for those who wish to donate money for Japan that might also be used for other disaster relief efforts in places such as Haiti (where there is ongoing hardship from the previous earthquake) the check can be made out to “International Relief Fund” and the money will be used where it most needed.

Checks can be mailed to Bloomsburg’s American Red Cross offices at 119 East 7th St., Bloomsburg, PA 17815.

One website offers those who wish to donate an opportunity to help those in need in Japan.  Network for Good acts as a clearing house for non-profit agencies that are working to help the citizens of Japan, and by clicking on the flag link below you can find access to more than 20 agencies involved in the current disaster in the Far East.

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Donation Web Sites

At the Network for Good web site you can choose to help via a single organization or donate money that will be distributed evenly with all of the representated organizations.

SOLVE can put groups in contact with local organizations already at work on the problem.  And SOLVE will continue to network with the community to look for additional relief efforts and will provide information for those who need it. Please contact us with questions.

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