Student Employee Appreciation

A Week for Appreciation


Students participate in the Team Challenge during the 2007 event

This year's event: April 9 – 13, 2012

Every spring Bloomsburg University celebrates National Student Employee Appreciation Week in honor of our wonderful student employees! During this week we plan a week of fun-filled events for students and their supervisors.

The week centers on the Bloomsburg University Student Employee of the Year Winner.  The winner, nominated by his or her supervisor and selected by a committee of five application readers, receives a $500.00 scholarship provided by the Bloomsburg University Foundation.  The second place winner receives a $200.00 gift card to the Bloomsburg University Bookstore.

A luncheon is held for all of the nominees and their supervisors. Other events of the week include an outdoor picnic, supervisor workshops, and an exciting team challenge held at the Rec Center for all student employees and supervisors to participate in and enjoy!

Click here to see a short film about 2009's Student Employee Team Events.


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