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TRiO Upward Bound at Bloomsburg University

TRiO Upward Bound 2011 Summer Academy Evaluations

Greetings Bounders. We hope that you have enjoyed your summer with TRiO Upward Bound at Bloomsburg University. In addition to our goal of meeting and exceeding the expectations set forth by the U.S. Department of Education, we hope to meet and exceed your expectations as well. Please take the time to thoughtfully complete the online evaluations listed below. Your feedback is important and influences the structure of future summer programs for the many Bounders in years to come. Thank you in advance for taking this evaluation seriously and for providing the feedback we need to continue the TRiO UB@BU summer experience!

Each student must complete the below evaluations: (These evals are for students only - staff should NOT complete the below)

Please take your time and read the directions thoroughly...

ACADEMIC CLASS EVALUATIONS Choosing from the below options, complete a survey for each of your academic classes.
Math (Algebra II, Geometry, Probability & Stats, OR Trigonometry, Calculus)
Science (Biology (I/II/AP), Chemistry, Physics, Special Topics in Chemistry OR Current Issues in Science )
College & Career Success OR Senior Seminar
Spanish OR Cultures
Communications Skills
Test Prep (SAT Writing & SAT Math OR PSSA Reading & PSSA Math)

PROGRAM/STAFF EVALUATIONS Complete each of the below surveys.
Overall Program
Head Tutor Counselor (Leslie)
Housing Supervisor (Meggyn)
Academic Coordinator (Jenn)
Assistant Director (Tia)
Director (Kate)
Tutor Counselor who leads your PD group (Ashley, Kristal, Max, Nate) If your PD TC is Meggyn or Leslie you are already finished with this eval.
You may choose to complete an eval for any or all Graduate Assistant/Tutor Counselor/Staff Members(s) in addition to the TC who leads your PD. This feedback would be particularly helpful if you had a class led by this TC or staff member. (Ashley, Kristal, Max, Nate, Graduate Assistant: Jill)

ACADEMIC YEAR CENTER MEETING EVALUATIONS (from home high school during school year)
PLEASE NOTE: If you already completed this eval from a link in an email I sent late this spring you should not do it again!
Berwick, Bloom, Mahanoy, Milton, Mount Carmel, North Schuylkill, Shamokin, Shikellamy, Pottsville



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