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Faith WarnerFaith Warner is an associate professor
of Anthropology.

She received her PhD from Syracuse University in Anthropology, with a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies.

Faith has researched how Salvadoran refugee women utilized the power of motherhood and the testimonio as a means of social protest against the atrocities of war, specifically torture and “disappearances”. She also received a Fulbright Robles Garcia grant to study gender and cultural differences in adaptation, traumatic stress, and social support networks in a Guatemalan refugee camp in Campeche, Mexico, focusing on Q’eqchi’, K’iche’, Mam, and K’anjobal peoples. More recently, she has been focusing on the feminization of poverty in the United States and worldwide.

Faith is a member of the Association for Feminist Anthropology. She teaches Men and Women: Anthropological Perspectives and regularly mentors students in research that addresses gender issues.



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