Enriching Visual Creativity at Bloomsburg University

Students undertake the study of art studio for many reasons, including self-expression, to learn an artistic process and to pursue a vocation in the field. Studio course offerings at Bloomsburg University include Graphic Design, Drawing, Fabric Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture. Students, both in studio art and those with other majors but similar creative interests, may develop skills that will be a deep source of personal satisfaction now and throughout life. The latter takes place particularly in the critiques, the in-depth class discussions of the work the class has accomplished.

In the studio courses, the students learn the discipline and technical processes for creating art as well as the aesthetic principles associated with that medium.

The most advantageous training for an artist, particularly in today's constantly changing technical environment, is a foundational understanding of art theory and practice and the appreciation of art as a humanistic, academic discipline.

Art Studio

Art Studio Major Curriculum Worksheet

General Information

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art degree offers seven areas of concentration - each supervised by a specific faculty member (shown below). All Studio Art students are required to take (at a minimum) a series of three studio courses beyond the required foundation core within one area of concentration. Art Studio courses meet five hours per week and require a minimum of four hours of work outside of class per week.


Admission in the Art Studio Major does not require a portfolio.