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Our printmaking concentration offers the student a contemporary approach to non- toxic printmaking. At the introductory level, students may take three individual courses including Intaglio (etching and collagraph techniques), Silkscreen, and Waterless Lithography and Relief printmaking. In each class, the student will learn in-depth technical skills while exploring conceptual ideas.

After the student has completed at least two of the introductory level print courses they may enroll in Advanced Printmaking. In this class, students work more independently, concentrating on their focused body of work.


Experimentation is highly encouraged, including multiple techniques/ layers, the use of alternative surfaces/ materials, print installations and sculptural works. The advanced class is preparation for the real world. Each student will complete a cohesive body of prints, write an artist statement and give a professional artist lecture to a group outside of their own class.

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Printmaking Lab Usage Information

The Printmaking studio is open to all students enrolled in a printmaking class. Upper level students have 24/7 access. Intro students have monitored lab hours.

  • Lab Hours: M-Th 7-10pm & Sundays 5-10pm
  • Lab Phone: (570) 389-4193
  • Lab Location: Old Science Hall G24

Concentration Resources


Chad Andrews

Interim Professor of Printmaking

(570) 389-4185

Old Science Hall G07


Our well-equipped darkroom includes facilities photo-intaglio, photolithography and photo-silkscreen. There is a new 26”x36” Ovac OV 29 accuvac exposure unit (plate exposures), and a new Workhorse metal halidade point light source silkscreen exposure unit as well as plenty of space for plate/ screen prep and development. The studio has its own digital lab. It contains an Epson 7800 large format printer, a new zante plate maker for producing positives and polyester plates, a large format flatbed scanner, a slide scanner, and three Power Macs.

The intaglio section includes 3 etching presses: 30”x48”, 26”x48” and 22”x43”. We also have a 48” wide metal plate cutter, numerous large glass slab work areas, a set of three viscosity rollers for plates up to 20x 20, two ferric chloride vertical etching tanks that accommodate 20”x24” copper, a 24”x36” hot plate, drying cabinet, airbrush and spray booth.

The silkscreen area has a 42”x33” light table, two 46”x30” drying racks, a 50”x60” vacuum table and 20 portable printing stations, a 30” wide Challenge industrial paper cutter, power washer and a backlit wash-out unit with separate ventilation.