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Registration Info:
Sign up your team by registering with IMleagues.
Click "Here" for directions on how to register.

Men's and Women's leagues will be available along with Competitive and Recreational

Select the days (Mon/Wed or Tue/Thur) you want to play each week.. Games may also be played on Sunday depending on the number of teams that register.

Game times are between 5:00-11:00pm. Scheduled on the hour for an hour.

QUIZES: Captains must pass the Captain's Quiz online before they can register a team.
Players must pass the Player's Quiz before they can join a team an participate.

$20 forfeit fee must be paid between 1-5pm on Wed. January 27th, 2016 in the Intramural office to be officially registered to play. NO FEE, NO PLAY.


League Info:
7-8 games played over 5 weeks. Single elimination playoff will follow regular season. Number of games may changed depending on the number of teams registered.

Play begins for the February 1st, 2016 for the Spring Season.

All games are played at the Student Recreation Center.

Description of Divisions:

Division A (Competitive)
Some of our sports will differentiate between competitive and recreational leagues. The Competitive league is designed for teams whose primary objective is to win games. This is a highly competitive league designed specifically for those who have previous experience playing the sport competitively.  Players in this league generally have played high school varsity sports and remain active in that sport and their intramural teams may even hold practices. These teams have frequently qualified for and advanced past the first round of the playoffs. Individuals and teams in this division are very competitive and the skill level of participation ranges from intermediate to advanced. Teams in this league that qualify for the single elimination tournament will have an opportunity to with an Intramural Champion T-shirt and may advance onto state or national tournaments. NOTE: Club Sport members must participate in this division.

Division B (Recreational)
Some of our sports will differentiate between competitive and recreational leagues. The Recreational league is designed for teams whose primary objective is to enjoy intramural sports and to have fun. This league is less competitive than the A Division.  This league is designed for those who understand the game but do not have the experience and skill of an advanced player. Most players on these teams have not played at the varsity level and may be slightly active in the sport.  Individuals and teams entered in this division are recreationally oriented. Skill level of participants ranges from beginner to intermediate, along with some more advanced players.  Most teams that have never played together before or are first-time participants are better suited to play in the recreational league.  If there is a question as to whether or not your team is competitive or recreational, you are likely a recreational caliber team. The recreational league will have the same regular season as other leagues, along with a separate single elimination tournament, where the winners will receive an Intramural Champion T-shirt.

*Intramural Sports reserves the right to deny entrance to the recreational league tournament to any recreational league team that, in the opinion of the intramural sports staff, should not be participating in the recreational league due to a competitive advantage of talent. A team's record will not be the only factor considered, meaning there is no incentive for a team to purposefully lose games to avoid detection.  


Team/Player Info:
VARSITY TEAM MEMBERS: A varsity squad member is any individual participating in intercollegiate contests attending regular practice, whose name appears on the official squad list, or who has won a letter at a recognized college. The active squad rosters on the date of the first varsity contest shall be used to determine intramural eligibility.

Interpretations: Included as a varsity squad member are red shirts, junior varsity players, and freshmen. Anyone who works out with an intercollegiate team and/or retains a locker and equipment is also ineligible for the same or "like" sport. Any student receiving athletic grant-in-aid assistance shall be ineligible to compete in intramurals in the same or "like" sport responsible for such assistance. Once considered a varsity squad member, you are one for the entire school year unless you have been dropped from the squad list and are no longer playing or practicing with the team. You must drop before the second intercollegiate contest for varsity members or before the second junior varsity contest for junior varsity players.

FORMER VARSITY MEMBERS: A former varsity player is defined as a student who has been listed on a “school's varsity squad list” for any 2-year or 4-year college/university team for more than one academic year:  They will be considered a "former varsity member" for a period of two (2) academic years following the completion of the academic year in which s/he received his/her award.
A student who has been a member of a varsity team at a four-year college or university in a particular sport is eligible for intramural competition in that or its related sport during the next academic year. The fall term is considered the start of the next academic year. Teams affected by this rule are limited to two (2) players on their team roster and must play in the highest available division for the league. Graduates or transfers from community colleges are also affected by this rule.


Any full time undergraduate or graduate BU student/faculty/staff with access or membership to the SRC are eligible to play.

All players must bring their BU ID to play every week. NO CARD, NO PLAY.


IM Rules:
Check out the IM General Rules
Check out Basketball Rules



Women's Basketball Team Wins State Championship!!


Men's Basketball Team Wins State Championship!!

Men's Basketball Team Wins State Championship!!

L- R; Abe Hughes, Kenny Marcus, Joey Britto, Colton Corey, Ruben Britt





Pictured Left to Right: Front Row Dion Durham, Scott Moodnik, Chris Dilullo, Ray Steffen
Back Row: John Keiper, Dylan Canavan, Fateem Jackson, Corey Scheeler, Joe Dilullo (All-Tournament Team Selection) Tobin Adams (Coach)


Women's Basketball Team Repeats as State Champions!!

Front Row L-R: Erin Knox, Jocelyn Schultz,  Giselle Lara, Lauren Healy,
Back Row: Steph Rankin, Monica Dennison, Erica Desmond,   Ashley Kratochvil


Women's Basketball Team Wins State Championship!!

The women's basketball team, The Benchwarmers, represent Bloomsburg University at the PIRSA State Championships, after capping off a perfect season during intramural play. They kept they record perfect as they went on to win the State Championship.




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